Women’s Scent and Fragrances

by pinksoda

They said fragrances have been called the ultimate accessory for women. Nothing says more about you than the way you smell.

Fragrance is best applied before you dress. You can mist a larger area of skin and avoid staining your clothes. Fragrance will last longer if it has something to cling to. This means skin that has just been moisturized will hold a scent longer.


The only time to really avoid wearing scent (unless you know someone near is allergic to scent) is when you are in the sun. Some components of fragrances increase photosensitivity.

Scents smell stronger when warm. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear less fragrance in the summer months, or… change to a lighter scent.

More tips:

1. Mixing scents stinks.

2. Use just enough cologne/perfume for someone standing close to get a “whiff.” .

3. If you want a very light application of fragrance, bathe with a scented bath product or use a scented body lotion after your shower.

4. Don’t choose a scent based on what it smells like on another person. Because two people never have the same body chemistry, the same scent may not smell as good on you as it does on your friend.

5. Fragrances don’t last indefinitely. They decay even more quickly in warmth. Store those you seldom wear in the refrigerator and keep your everyday scented products out of sunlight and away from heat sources.

6. You really can’t smell you as well as someone else can smell you. If you are applying fragrance often during the day, or trying out more than two samples at a time, your nose may go “to sleep” from overload. Get a second opinion from an honest friend.

Three places in particular call for just a hint of scent:

1. At work: many people are offended by strong scents and others are even allergic to scents in general.

1. At a meal: strong scents interfere with tastes.

2. Close quarters: places like cars, planes, or small rooms (such as hospital rooms) are not appropriate for heavy scents.

Since smell-or the lack of smell-says something about you and your particular style, you should make certain it is flattering.

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