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I have been using Cetaphil products for a month now and I am so happy I tried. I have tried using the cleanser way back and I remember I didn’t like it that much because it does not bubble 😛 (yeah childish I know!). Now that I’m back using it, I appreciate the fact that it is gentle to my skin and I don’t have to worry irritating my eyes. It may not appear to be removing dirt because of the absence of the bubbles, believe me, it does cleanse the skin effectively!

Cetaphil facial moisturizer with SPF15 is another product I love on my face because it is light and non-greasy. I can honestly live just with it on my face. And the Cetaphil lotion! I just love it totally! I love how it leaves my skin so soft and well hydrated.

Because I love them so much and I am one of those lucky ones who was blessed to have been chosen as an online ambassador of this fabulous and skin’s bff product, I am sharing to you my dear readers the beautiful experience I had with Cetaphil. Yes! Ladysoda is giving away beauty treats to my fabulous ladies out there! Check out the details below to experience Cetaphil!

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