Who is LadySoda

by pinksoda

About Me

I felt that I needed to update this page as I have changed so much. I used to say I am opinionated, frank and impulsive – thank God I am no longer that. I have grown mature and reasonable that I understand I cannot push my opinion to anyone – I may have one but that doesn’t mean I am always right. I can still be frank but I always choose now to use words that are encouraging rather than damaging. My impulsiveness has gone from worst to manageable! Praise God for that! :D. I am still the motivated, motivator and self-proclaimed fashionista, and I absolutely love Fitness! I choose to be just a good friend not an enemy to anyone. Still loves shoes, bags and clothes! Cakes and chocolates are my comfort food.

My love for Fitness grew over the years that from lifting weights at the gym and doing strength trainings, I cross-trained and learned to love running too! I’m more inclined into trail running and have been joining marathons whenever I can. I would like to be of a good influence to every woman out there. I would love to encourage them to choose to be more active and make that lifestyle change and be their best fit version! Live a balanced life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Fitness, Fashion, Beauty tips, and People because every new encounter is a new discovery.

Favorite Movies

Center Stage, Take the Lead, The Cutting Edge, The Replacement, The Notebook.. need I say more?? 🙂 Any dance and romantic movie. I am Hopeless romantic and I am loving it. I love sci-fi movies too.


Favorite Books

Sidney Sheldon’s, Danielle Steele’s, Belva Plain’s – my all-time favorites! I’d rather watch trilogies than read them 🙂