Condominium Unit Leasing

In this generation where everything is fast moving, we all want to go for an easy and convenient way of living without worrying so much about a lot of technicalities especially when it comes to our lifestyle. Nowadays, Condo living is very attractive especially to the millennial, young professionals, and those who are just starting to build a family. Actually even those who are in business who are looking into having their own place away from home. This is when the Condominium Unit Leasing comes into play.

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Here are some helpful information and tips that may help especially those who are first-time into condominium leasing

Leasing a condominium means that you do not need to worry about annual taxes and the maintenance of the unit. This is the responsibility of your landlord. However, this means you have very limited options in styling and adding elements in your unit.

  • Before worrying about all the legalities, know that choosing the right condominium is just the first step. Choose a unit that is safe, with security, and close recreation areas. Choose a location that will free you from the busy ways of living and the hassles of contemporary living.
  • Make sure you are signing a contract with the legal owner, or at least his authorized representative. Make sure you have your own copy of the contract and even the property title.Your initial payment should be itemize. Make sure you know what covers it. This in order to have a smooth transaction and avoid confusion at the end of the contract. Think about initial rent and advance rent.
  • Make sure you also know what is covered by your monthly payments. Typically it covers the unit rental only. Note that there are charges/bills that comes along condo living that includes monthly association dues and parking rentals if you have a car. If miscellaneous such as those are covered by your rental, ask for an acknowledgement receipt from the owner and ensure payments are properly forwarded to where and when it is due.
  • Both owner and tenant must have and sign an inventory of items that are included in the unit upon turnover to avoid confusion upon termination of rent.
  • Tenants must also make sure that the property rented is free from liens and encumbrances. That means all previous utility bills and fees have been paid. This is to ensure that the new tenant will not suffer the consequence for such non-payment through ejection or utility disconnection.
  • Be clear when the contract will start and when will it end. Another important thing is to know when the advance payment will be applied. Advance rental payments may be applied either at the beginning of the contract, or at the end if there is no more intention to renew. That would depend on the agreement of the owner and the tenant.
  • In terms of bringing Pets, that’s another provision that should be stipulated in the contract. Regulations on pets are normally imposed by the property management.
  • Unit Alterations? In condo living, residents cannot just renovate their homes as they please since Structural renovations are certainly not allowed.
  • In terms of repairs in the unit, this totally varies and depends on the agreement of the tenant and the owner. Oftentimes, contracts state that the landlord is accountable for major repairs, while the tenant undertakes the minor ones. Make sure that the specifics pertaining to repairs is clearly stipulated in the contract.

Hope all these helps. Remember to make the most of your money. Condominiums in the Philippines typically offers both selling and renting options. Primavera City offers a varied range of condominium for sale that can be easily rented out. For investors, Units may be rented and managed on behalf of the owner by its in house Property and Asset Management Team. Because Primavera City is a certified green building, it means tenants can enjoy significant savings on their utility and maintenance costs. So whether you own the condominium or a tenant, at Primavera City, you definitely get your money’s worth.

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Worry Free Holiday Season at Primavera Residences

The Holiday season is no doubt the busiest season in the Philippines that as enjoyable as it is, it can also be stressful because it means people are always rushing! What makes it worst (not that I make it sound so horrible) is to Filipinos, Christmas season starts in September. It is the season of parties, family gatherings, outreach programs, and all sorts of reunions.

While it is the happiest season of the year, we cannot also avoid the feeling of getting stressed out going about our daily chores during this season because of the busy traffic! The usual 20-30 minutes travel going to the city is now doubled to an hour or more than that in December. Personally, I dreaded going out, even as simple as going to the gym to workout.

This dilemma is never an experienced by those who live near shopping malls, restaurants, sports complex facilities, and recreation areas. Is there such a place where everything is just a few meters steps? Well, definitely! Live uptown over at Primavera Residences. I personally took some time off the busy city and stayed at Primavera Residences and I have never been so relaxed and happier during the busy holiday season.

Primavera City Living near shopping mall

Primavera City is a breakthrough project by Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC), an Italian-Filipino property firm driven to be the leading green builder of the country. It is prominently located near major establishments in Uptown CDO. SM Mall, Leading primary and secondary schools, recreation areas, IT Park, to name a few. This guarantees residents to have a comfortable and easy lifestyle.

During my stay, I didn’t have to worry about shopping because I was just a few meters away from SM Mall where I can conveniently shop anytime of the day without worrying that I get caught up in traffic, thus, I will not be wasting any of my time being unproductive. Late night hunger? Mall closed? No worries! Primavera Residences is just across 7/11 and its open 24/7 in case your tummy screams for food during holy hours!

Primavera City

In the morning, I don’t have to wake up extra early to get to the gym because Primavera Residences is equipped with its own gym and swimming pool! Definitely took advantage of them. Another morning I felt like breathing some fresh air so I went for an early morning run along Pueblo IT Park (back of SM) and few meters away from Primavera Residences. The most stress-free days of my holiday season!

I highly recommend investing a unit at Primavera City because aside from its amazing eco-friendly structure, Primavera City offers great amenities for every resident’s convenience. Take advantage of the offered facilities such as a 24-hour reception, 24-hour security camera, free WI-FI connection in selected areas, In-house Property and Asset Management team, and a generator set, giving valued residents the warmth of secure and easier life.

Or if you have visitors and is looking for a place to stay for couple of days, especially during the holiday season, check out Primavera Residences for affordable units to stay in.

So, planning to invest on your own condo unit or want to know more about the Primavera City property? Visit or call 0917-792-1078 or (088) 880-5002.

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The Rewards of Living Beside a Mall

Having a place near a shopping mall brings us benefits that are worth to appreciate. Here are some of the perks one gets to experience and enjoy in living near shopping malls.


Primavera City Living near shopping mall

Convenience in Buying

Imagine if going to a mall after a long day of work means you still have to fight with traffic jam to get there for a quick shop, for grocery shopping or probably just hangout to relax. Stressful right? Compared to when you live near a shopping mall, you can even still go home to change before malling since it’s just around the block.  Above all, enjoy easy access to products and items that are only available in shopping centers. Whatever you need, you won’t have to fret!

Avoiding the Holiday Rush

Nobody loves getting caught up in a crowd of holiday shoppers so if you are in for a last minute shopping for the holidays, you can be there before everyone else will and finish your holiday shopping without getting so stressed out (crowd + holiday traffic jam!). AND! the perks of living nearby during Mall SALE! you can be there first and shop for as long as you want because going back to your place won’t be an issue.

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