The Rewards of Living Beside a Mall

Having a place near a shopping mall brings us benefits that are worth to appreciate. Here are some of the perks one gets to experience and enjoy in living near shopping malls.


Primavera City Living near shopping mall

Convenience in Buying

Imagine if going to a mall after a long day of work means you still have to fight with traffic jam to get there for a quick shop, for grocery shopping or probably just hangout to relax. Stressful right? Compared to when you live near a shopping mall, you can even still go home to change before malling since it’s just around the block.  Above all, enjoy easy access to products and items that are only available in shopping centers. Whatever you need, you won’t have to fret!

Avoiding the Holiday Rush

Nobody loves getting caught up in a crowd of holiday shoppers so if you are in for a last minute shopping for the holidays, you can be there before everyone else will and finish your holiday shopping without getting so stressed out (crowd + holiday traffic jam!). AND! the perks of living nearby during Mall SALE! you can be there first and shop for as long as you want because going back to your place won’t be an issue.

Dining Fix

When you’re too busy or too lazy to cook, food is just a few meters away with a lot of choices which cuisine you’d go for. How about having no time to fix  dinner for friends coming over or probably an unplanned visit by friends and family? A resident nearby a mall won’t see that as a problem! A quick trip to the mall will take care of the dinner even before your guests arrives.  Morning rush and no time to prepare? The malls fast food chains got you covered!

Social Life and Meetings

Face it! we all need to socialize after a probably stressful day. The mall have plenty of hangout options such as coffee shops, restaurants, or even movie house. So definitely you can set your meetings and bonding nearby and meet your friends hassle free!

A Shopping Mall Makes For a Great Landmark

One of the biggest issues with moving to a new place is having to describe your new place. Giving instructions can be frustrating at times! However, if you’re living right next to a shopping mall, you can easily tell your friends or family members to find the particular mall as a visible landmark. You can just wait for them near the mall or in the shopping mall to bring them to your new place.

Easy Access to Public Transportation

Living nearby a shopping mall means easy access to public transportation since shopping centers and commercial districts in the Philippines have their own taxi lane or public transportation terminal. Therefore, taking the public transportation going to work or somewhere else is won’t be a problem. Also making it easier for your visitors to commute.

Some say that living near a mall is low in view and high on convenience. Well with Primavera Residences,  it’s both in the highs, high in view and high in convenience!

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