Hair Color Upgrade at Macho Mucho Salon

I just got Muchofied (Okay, I made that term up). Well because, my hair have been touched by Macho Mucho! I just got home from a much needed hair color treatment and upgrade from now officially my favorite place to hangout when having my hair done! Actually my boys loved having their barber haircut at Macho Mucho too and I just second to it after my personal experience. Here’s a shoutout to Macho Mucho SM CDO Downtown Premier for my fabulous hair color upgrade!

Macho Mucho hair salon

Color/Shade: Ash Matte by Macho Mucho’s Senior Hairstylist “Choser”

Before I continue my raving! Here’s a little background of Macho Mucho.

Macho Mucho is the leading hybrid barbershop and salon originally catering to men only with the very catchy “Upgrade Yourself” tagline since it started grooming the men of Davao and General Santos in 2012. With their well-trained barbers, Macho Mucho provides hair grooming services (from haircut to shave and haircolor services) to pampering (scalp massage to body massage).

The Layco siblings who owns all Macho Mucho branches – Ralph and Kaye makes such an amazing tandem in running all their branches and other businesses

They also have a well-trained in house stylist that provides cuts and styles for men’s more intricate requirement for hair grooming and championed the campaign of giving their clients choice in their grooming needs, “Choose Your Style: Salon Style or BarberStlye”. Macho Mucho is no doubt committed to become the ultimate Men’s Upgrade Zone in the country ever since.

Wait, MEN ONLY? What about the ladies who accompany these men and young adult to Macho Mucho? Well, Macho Mucho understands how the ladies loves being pampered too! Thus, the birth of the Macho Mucho Salon for women. Sounds like a perfect venue to bond right? Hashtag Relationship Goals! hahaha! But seriously, Macho Mucho now caters the women of their macho clients. So here I am, though alone for now, enjoying the salon and then takes pride of my newly colored hair. Ladies, you can have your nails done too if you’re not into upgrading your hairstyle yet.

macho mucho salon

I posted some photos of my new hair right away because I was so thrilled with the result and I am so overwhelmed with my friends’ reactions and flattering comments about the new hair color. Gosh! Macho Mucho’s Senior Hairstylist is legit! The hollywood waves finish made it more appealing.

I originally wanted to have it volume rebonded but Choser knew it was bleached prior so we didn’t pushed through it. Thankfully he insisted it was bleached despite me also insisting it wasn’t (I honestly thought it was just plainly colored). I had to call my hairstylist to confirm, and yes indeed, he had it bleached on our last session. For reference, my hair’s previous color was in Golden blonde shade with highlights. I wanted to tone it down because I think it has gone too strong and bold for me since my complexion has gone a bit darker than my already morena skin tone due to all the marathons and running I did in the past months under the heat of the sun :D.

macho mucho hair salonHere’s my before and after photo. From Golden Blonde with highlights to Ombre-ish Ash Matte

macho mucho sm cdoWith Macho Mucho Senior Hairstylist – Choser

macho mucho sm cdoMarketing Manager Andrew and Mucho Senior Hairstylist Choser

And oh! my favorite thing at Macho Mucho is the unlimited coffee and tea to their customers and that includes the waiting company :).  Talk about VIP treatment!

Me waiting for my eldest son while he was having his pampering at Macho Mucho SM CDO Downtown Premier

Operating Hours and Contact Details

Macho Mucho at SM CDO Downtown Premier follows Mall Hours which is 10 am – 9pm daily.

Check them out for more updates, promos, hairtips, etc via their website and social media accounts below:

Website: http://www.machomucho.com/
Email: machomucho@samasiainc.com
Contact Number: 0977-624-7911 or (083) 305-0494
Facebook: Macho Mucho
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUMzeW3J8euBE1vwMyZSV8w
Instagram: @machomucho

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