Why You Must Watch Kita Kita

Kita Kita is not your typical Filipino film where it stars the biggest and brightest stars in the showbiz industry. Though Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez have quite made a name for themselves, typical productions and film producers won’t probably invest on them to star in a big movie because they are not the “superstar material” with thousands or even millions of followers online and offline. We know how it works in the mainstream movie industry. I am glad though that this movie starring Alessandra and Empoy have broken barriers and proved that blockbuster hits does not only come from big stars and parade of supporting actors. A great story line, well-acted scenes and well-delivered lines makes a blockbuster movie.


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Kita Kita is simple but it goes right straight to your heart. The plot is pretty simple yet it does not want you to miss a single scene because you will just love every bit of it and it leaves you satisfied at the end. It’s really just a two-actor film but it does not leave the viewer wanting to see more actors to complete the story because Lea (Alessandra) and Tonyo (Empoy) are more than interesting to watch. The pick up lines are right on point sa kilig!

It’s a story of a Filipina (Lea) working in Japan as a tourist guide who suffered temporary blindness due to stress after her break-up with her fiancé. In her ordeal Tonyo her neighbor, reached out to her and served as her eyes and gave a whole new meaning to life. Thus, the friendship that somehow evolved into something special blossomed.  I love how the story was told, the cinematography is amazing, it played with my emotions, literally brought me to a roller coaster of emotions. I laughed and cried and left satisfied. It is packed with all the emotional punch yet lighthearted and an absolutely feel-good movie. And oh! Sapporo is such a beautiful place.

Kita Kita shows us that love is felt not seen. Love is acceptance, it is both happy and painful. But no matter how the love story ends, we are all left with the beautiful memories we cherish, the memories that will linger, the crazy and happy flashes we always hark back to even with our eyes shut.

Don’t miss it! You really have to see it!

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