Alopecia – Hair Loss

Alopecia is the thinning of the hair of any extent up to total baldness. It is normal to men and part of the ageing process in males; though it is not an illness. The rate at which men become bald, if indeed they lose their hair at all, is likely to be down to their genes. Typical male hair loss is also permanent.

In females, hair also becomes thinner as they age, although there should be no actual baldness. Baldness may also be caused by various diseases, maybe a side effect of some drug treatments or by hormonal disorders and occasionally after childbirth and traumatic experiences, such as bereavement or terror.

hair loss patterns

Here are some ‘male pattern alopecia‘ signs:

  • Hair recedes from the forehead and temples
  • Hair becomes progressively thinner on the crown
  • These areas of recession become larger and join up until hair remains on the sides and back of the head
  • Alopecia can also affect body hair including that in the private part

So Are the Treatment Options for Hair Loss?
For pattern baldness or hair loss resulting due to hereditary reasons, Rogaine (topical minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride) are the only FDA approved drugs to treat such issue.

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However, don’t fret as permanent hair loss can also be treated by hair replacement procedures, such as hair transplant. The procedure can be micro-grafting, slit grafting, punch grafting, depending on the circumstances and option of the patient.

If you are a men with male-pattern baldness, or a woman with female-pattern (hair loss due to genetics reasons), or perhaps a person who has lost some but not all hair as a result of burns or other scalp injuries, a hair replacement procedure may just be for you. Just make sure that you have it in trusted clinics with properly trained people and adequate facilities. Do take note though that Alopecia and Alopecia areata are two different conditions.

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  1. My husband is bald and I find bald men very attractive, so I am glad he has no hair. I know some men worry about hair loss, but it’s natural to lose it, so I am not sure why.

  2. This is good information. I can tell my husband’s hair is thinning a little due to age. I guess that’s just what happens.

  3. Great blog about adult baldness from both female and male sides. My mother had very thick curly hair and so did my father, I’m still blessed with thick curly hair. I hope it stays that way for a long time!

    1. 😀 lucky you! I on the other hand is freaking out of some hair fall, that’s why as early as now I do something about it before it worsens.

  4. This was such an informative post. Thankfully I do not have a history of alophecia in my family, but my husband does. It is so great that you can share such helpful information about such a touchy subject.

  5. Alopecia can be a troubling and embarrassing experience for women, and men as well. There are also natural remedies such as Jamaican Castor Oil and sulphur that help stimulate the pours again.

    1. phew! wasn’t that a relief?! I had excessive hair fall too, those times when I was wayyyy too stressed out! So I guess we have to ensure we don’t get too stressed out as it causes hair fall too.

  6. My friend from work was just telling me that her hair is thinning out and she is only 21! So i will def be sharing this with her. thanks!

  7. This was a super informative piece! I think a lot of people see their hair as a sign of youth and it can be hard to cope with the loss. Thanks for writing about how it is a natural, hereditary even that happens.

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