Best Outdoor Activities to Do in Canada

Canada is a country that’s full to the brim with beautiful views and incredible people.  Although there’s no end to fun things to do and see in the city, getting outside and enjoying the natural beauty of this country is vital.

These are some of the top things you can do while in Canada and the best ways to ensure you have fun while getting to breathe in some of that fresh and beautiful Canadian air.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are incredibly different sports, but they each hold an essential space in Canadian athletics.  Although some ski resorts don’t allow snowboarders, most allow for both sports to be enjoyed on their slopes.

Either way, riding down the snowy mountainsides is a fantastic way to get a clear view of Canadian winter beauty, whether you’re in Banff or Whistler.  These sports are so common that they’re the top lessons taught across Canada and will help you create memories you’ll never want to forget.  

White Water River Rafting

From Calgary down to Vancouver, white water river rafting is making a huge comeback.  This water sport, known for wildly bumpy rides and adrenaline-packed adventure, is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy the natural beauty of Canada.  There’s nothing like white water river rafting to let you remember how to work as a team with those around you and how important it is to have fun in our daily lives.

Hiking The Best National Parks

From the beauty in Banff to the gorgeous parks that make people snatch up real estate for sale in Whistler, there’s no stop to the views you can enjoy in Canada.  Living the best version of your life in Canada possible means getting to hike through the most breathtaking parks on Earth.  Gorgeous bright green forests dotted with waterfalls and rivers in the summer give way to ice and snow-covered paths in the winter, and both are gorgeous. Naturally, you’ll want to take up hiking as a year-round hobby.

Camping In Natural Beauty

Hiking may be fun, but it can’t hold a candle to getting to sleep in and enjoy the natural views.  Every national park in Canada offers camping grounds and accessibility to anyone who wants to slip away from city living.  Whether you prefer tent camping or glamping in an RV, you’ll find great spots that have incredible views and friendly locals.  You’ll feel like you’ve found a new home in the thickest forests.

Skating on Real Ice

Ice skating may seem like an obvious answer for Canada, but that’s only because of how seriously skating is taken here.  After a Zamboni has scraped the ice clean and flat, skating on frozen over lakes is one of the most exciting things to experience.  In the summer, this may be where boats float lazily to fish, but in winter, you can glide across the surface of the water and enjoy fresh, clean air.  This is available in most inland cities since the coasts don’t freeze as quickly.

Lone ice skater at Lake Louise, Banff National Park.

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