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I used to be very skeptical with online transactions because I get paranoid of scams, fraud and with personal security issues. That was before, I have to admit now, that I have grown inlove with shopping online. It took me a while to trust online shopping and ones I got the hang of it, online stores have become my to go-to for product purchases.

While shopping online has it’s comfort and advantages, finding a reaaally trusted online shopping site can be tedious most of the time. I must say, regardless of your status, online shopping has its risks. What eats up my time usually when shopping online is checking for the store’s validity and credibility (I have heard a lot of horror stories from friends who does shopping online – from fake stores to products entirely different from the advertised/displayed photo.) Another thing with online shopping is you have to hop from one shop to another for different purchases – well I’m sure at some point like me, you tend to forget those different online shops you’ve been to! How I wish I can find a trusted site where I can find all the stuff I need from head to toe and from my garden to my kitchen!

Like a genie in a bottle, I recently found a place where all my needs for online shopping are found! Presenting (drum roll please…) iprice.ph! iprice is the newest online shopping portal here in the Philippines that combines all products from the most trusted e-commerce shops in Asia and the world in one platform. Beauty, Fashion, Technology, Health and Wellness? iprice definitely has it!


Excuse me for the running shoes photos above, I am actually looking for the best deals with running/training shoes and looks like I just got myself tons of choices via iprice. Yes! I am definitely browsing for more ^_^.

Just like you, I also love discounts! (who doesn’t?!), I always look out for the best deals when I shop online and I love the fact that iprice has all the coupons and discounts compiled in their site so it’s easier for the shoppers to determine the sales/promos going on in their partner stores.

iprice listing

I also love the sorted categories as it saves me so much time! When I shop and I have something in mind, like the stuff I need to buy, I can go directly to this page and click on the item so I don’t waste my time with unnecessary clicking and browsing.

Isn’t this an awesome place to shop online? Well, if you think so, go ahead bookmark iprice.ph NOW and make it your top choice for online shopping.

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  1. Looks like a great website to help save some money on! I am always looking for new deal/bargain websites, going to bookmark this one! Thanks for sharing!

  2. We don’t have iprice in Germany. Unfortunately. I would definitely prefer it to looking around on hundreds of pages and waisting time. Maybe they’ll expand to Europe πŸ˜‰

  3. I do 75% of my shopping online! I love it! With five little kids it is ten times easier, and it cuts back on impulse shopping! I had never heard of iPrice before, I’m going to check it out, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  4. Well now i am totally into online shopping.at start it was difficult for me too.but yes there are some great website to shopping from.i didnt know about this one. I am going to check it out.it aounds great

  5. It’s great to learn about another online site that is legitimate and has products that have good value. Nowadays, trusting sites is hard and so we look for reviews of purchases and testimonials like this one. I also love discounts so I am now hunting to score good deals from iPrice.ph!

  6. Sometimes it’s not safe any where any more when it comes to fraud and crazy people stealing our bank information. It does not just happen online. But being able to find a good deal with good coupons is always great. I took a look at the site and it seems like a really great site with lots of goodies. It would be something I would end up getting a lot of stuff while burning a hole in my pocket.

  7. I live in a small rural town, so without online shopping, I wouldn’t be able to wear, use or eat many of the things I love! Good categories and easy navigation are always a bonus when I look to shop online. That and if I can find good deals on fast shipping, then the experience gets even better. I haven’t tried iPrice before, will have to look into it.

  8. It looks like a great place to shop online. I saw some BB cream on their site that I’d like to try. Too bad I’m not in the Philippines; I’m in good ol’ Oklahoma, America.

  9. This is the first time I’ve heard of this website and it looks really interesting. Online shopping for me is all about finding great deals, and this seems to really help with that. I’m also looking for new running shoes, so thanks for the head’s up!

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