Five Useful Suggestions for Choosing a Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

Diamonds are the centerpieces of most engagement rings. This is not surprising because most diamonds have a unique design that can add eye-catching sparkle, color and brilliance to a ring’s design.

Here are five useful suggestions for choosing a diamond for your engagement ring that are easy to use while shopping:

Compare the Diamond’s Weight
Most diamonds that are used for an engagement ring that way between 0.1-0.5 carats. Other diamonds that appear in an engagement ring can weigh up to 2 carats. This weight range offers savvy buyers an opportunity to purchase an engagement ring that is a tremendous value. This is possible because many smaller diamonds feature an eye-catching brilliance that is a tremendous value.

Compare the Diamond’s Design

Diamonds are cut into many beautiful designs. Some of the most popular diamond designs for an engagement ring include:

  • Emerald and pear-shaped designs.
  • Solitaire, marquise and cushion-shaped designs.
  • Round and oval-shaped designs.

Other popular diamond designs include heart-shaped and princess-cut designs that offer many fascinating engagement ring design choices.

Examine the Diamond’s Clarity
A diamond’s clarity describes how many blemishes or inclusions appear on the surface or interior of a diamond. Examining a diamond for these faults is recommended because it can help you avoid diamonds for your engagement ring that reflect light poorly.

Examine the Diamond’s Proportions
A diamond’s proportions measure the alignment of the diamond’s flat surface to its facets and bottom. Examining this ratio is worthwhile because it can make choosing a brilliant diamond for your engagement ring easier. This is understandable because most brilliant diamonds have flat surfaces that are aligned nearly perfectly with their facets and bottoms.

Examine the Diamond’s Color
Contrary to popular belief, many diamonds are colored naturally by carbon impurities that were mixed together when the diamonds were formed. Some of the most popular diamond colors for an engagement ring include shades of red, green and yellow. Other popular colors include shades of blue, orange and purple. The value of these diamonds is determined by the intensity of their colors.

As you can see, choosing a diamond for an engagement ring is simple if you remember to examine the diamond’s weight, design, clarity, color and proportions. Feel free to use the suggestions mentioned above to find diamonds for your engagement ring that offer the weight, design, clarity, color and proportions that suit your needs.

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