Food and Blindfolds at Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa

I had the most unique food tasting experience on my special day together with the rest of the food crawlers.

Everyone was excited for our second day’s second stop. We knew we were in for a good treat at Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa. A tropical paradise in the middle of a busy city that welcomes its guests with breathtaking scenery. Shangri-la Resort and Spa is a perfect place to unwind and just forget about the hustle and bustle the city life brings.

shangri-la mactan
shangrila hotel
shangri-la mactan ladysoda 2

shangri-la mactan ladysoda

Since we were in a Food Crawl, of course it’s quite obvious that we look forward to the foods we are about to taste and experience. Shangri-la didn’t fail to excite us as they gave us a one of a kind food tasting experience!

How about being blindfolded while eating? Yep! We were all wondering what were those blindfolds were on our table when we got inside Shangri-la’s Cowrie Cove Restaurant. We were assuming we’re in for a relaxing massage treat (haha! We wished!) until we were told to put on the blindfolds as we are to taste each dish the chef prepared specially for us leaving our other senses to guess what the dish was. It was fun! We played food critics and experts for a while there! hahaha!

shangri-la blind food tasting

Thank you Slay Pilipinas for this photo!

Here are the dishes that played our senses and palate

Foie Gras "Cuba Libre"

Foie Gras “Cuba Libre”. An appetizer composed of cola, lemon granite, brioche, and rocket.

shangri-la dish 2

shangri-la dish 2a
Beetroot Gazpacho. Composed of Fine de Claire oyster, raddish, and garden herbs

Strawberry Ice Cream with carrot cake and salad
Strawberry Ice Cream with carrot cake and salad

We all failed to name each dishes! Those were hard to utter anyway! 😀 :D. Despite that, it was a delightful experience. We were also served with New Zealand Lamb Rack, this time thankfully without our blindfolds! This was served before the strawberry ice cream with carrot cake and salad.

New Zealand Lamb Rack
New Zealand Lamb Rack

To cap off our Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa food crawl experience, the staff  surprised us with a glass of chocolate martini with cacao de bola.

chocolate martini with cacao de bola


Here’s the happy me, celebrating my birthday with a glass of chocolate martini! And then these yummy chocolate cupcakes from my Cebu Food Crawl 2016 family! Thank you guys! You are the sweetest!

birthday cupcake

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