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Holiday Season and Party OOTDs

December is no doubt the season for parties! It is also the season where most of us let ourselves go for the meantime because we just can’t help it! Food is just everywhere! Who can resist? But Personally though I knew I didn’t want to let myself go and have to keep watch on my diet because I have to look good on my OOTDs for all those holiday parties I will be attending! HAHAHA! Call me vain, but who wouldn’t want to look amazing on every outfit? Well I tried! So here are my top three favorite #OOTD from the different Holiday Parties I attended.

The Leopard Printed Romper

I am always skeptical about wearing rompers as I am afraid I’d end up looking like an overgrown baby! Rompers can be tricky so it is really important that you know how to style it, choose the right romper and pull it off and come out sophisticated. Here’s mine! Wore this during our Bloggers Thanksgiving dinner and Clubbing later part of the night.

The Little Black Dress OOTD

It really pays to have a little black dress on your closet. My dear friend called me day before the party to let me know she is tagging me along and that the theme is black! Phew! good thing I have an unused LBD hiding in my closet so no problemo! I went to the party in my LBD! Ladies remember that One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.


LBD Twinning with my love Ashley. I had the privilege of choosing her dress for the party too! Good thing she trusted my taste! She definitely looked stunning!


Emerald Green Mini Dress

Finally, wore this cute emerald green mini dress at our High School’s Batch 20th year reunion. This is an annual event and normally we just go as we are but this year is a little exemption as it is our 20th year and the venue is a bit upscale so must dress up for the night! Paired it with a strappy black high heels which I bought just few hours before the party because I can’t seem to find something in my shoe rack that would match the dress. Gah! it took me a little while to decide actually which shoes to buy considering also the limited choices I had on that department store I went to. I must say all efforts paid off! I totally love the overall look. Hair and Makeup is done by yours truly!


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