How Does Property Management Works?

Property Management could mean different things to different people with varied needs and priorities.

When you aim to invest in a condo property but decided to not use it a the moment, you can opt to have it managed under the developer’s property management. Not all developers offer Property Management though, so it is wise to consider this service in every investment especially for condominiums such as Primavera City.

primavera property management

What is ‘Property Management’

Property management is the administration of residential, commercial and industrial real estate including apartments, detached houses, condominium units and shopping centers. Property management typically involves the managing of property that is owned by another party or entity.

To a professional management company, property management means being an expert in accounting, maintenance, repairs, collections, tenant landlord laws, market conditions, marketing, mold, lead based paint, historic homes, new construction, customer service and more. A professional management company should make your property more profitable and not be considered an expense.

Invest in a Property with Free Property Management

Primavera Residences/Primavera City is the country’s multi-awarded green mixed-use development Italian-Filipino developer Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) recognized as certified green developer. They partnered with another Italian-Filipino leasing company, Damiani Property Management and Services, Inc. (DPMSi). This makes Primavera City a practical investment. Investors who are looking into making their property more profitable will experience hassle-free investment with Damiani’s professional skills in property management and leasing services.

Property Management Benefits

Higher quality of tenants – properties being managed by a reliable property management company assures owners of tenants that are well-screened. Thus, on time payment, longer rental duration, and a well managed property.

Better Property Maintenance – A not well maintained property can result in decline in home values. With property management companies like Damiani, owners are assured of a well-maintained unit as they can conduct regular inspections and maintain the property addressing any emergency needs for repairs and maintenance.

Property Management Companies have the legal knowledge – free yourself of the legal issues that may arise in the course of managing your property. Disputes that may progress into a legal battle is stressful physically and financially! Firms like Damiani has the expertise in handling legal property issues and have relationships and resources in place to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly

Put your investment into something that will not just profit you but at the same time will reduce your stress associated with managing it.

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