Instagrammable Living in Uptown CDO

We are living in a generation where everything is considered to be a subject for photographs mainly for Social Media sharing and self-keeping. Oftentimes you’d hear people gasp over beautiful and cutesy places tagging it as something “instagrammable”.
Instagrammable – term used to describe a picture that is worth posting/sharing in instagram.

For business owners, having a place that is instagrammable is already among the factors to be considered because with millions of users actively participating in Instagram, an establishment tagged as something instagrammable will definitely draw customers. It is probably would even be the best way to describe a place so people will be enticed to visit.

This is also true to real estate properties. While in investing in a property, the neighbourhood, security, location, and affordability, are the prime factors, a lot of investors now also considers having a place that looks stunning in photos. Admit it, we are drawn to visit a place that looks good in instagram the moment we see it in our feeds because we also want to experience the beautiful place and have one shot in our own feed. Social shareability has become a valuable currency and the smartest business and real estate developers have realized that.

So what’s an Instagram worthy photo?

There are many characteristics of a photo that makes it “instagrammable”. There’s creativity, authenticity, uniqueness, breathtaking and pleasing to the eyes. But what stands out among them is the photograph’s Relatability. An instagram worthy photo is RELATABLE. These photos have their ability to relate to its audience. A picture or video that elicits a response from your audience is a sure win!

What Makes Uptown CDO Instagrammable

Living in the uptown part of Cagayan de Oro means living in a place that is progressive but peaceful, vibrant, and warm. It is where you will find Primavera City, Primavera City, a mixed-use living environment inspired by nature, breakthrough project by Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC), an Italian-Filipino property firm driven to be the leading green builder of the country.

Primavera City

It is close to everything you need. From the elegant lobby to the roof terrace with its panoramic view of Macajalar Bay, perfectly instagrammable!

Witness beautiful Sunrise and Sunset  plus enjoy the fantastic view of Macajalar Bay from the rooftop of Primavera City.

A beautiful place to just hangout and relax with friends under this big beautiful tree at lane 101

primavera city ameneties

Definitely Instagram worthy! Primavera City’s amenities is worth your time and investment. Your very own instagrammable oasis at the roof deck

These are just few of the beautiful places you can enjoy in Uptown CDO that is instagram worthy. Remember though that taking photographs might be fun and gives us something to look back, do not forget to feel and enjoy each moment and experience the beauty of living uptown.

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