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I recently attended the Sun Life Financial Live Brighter Forum at the Mallberry Suites, Cagayan de Oro City. It was a FREE event which focused on what an individual (you and me) can do to make a difference in every Filipino’s life by becoming a Sun Life Financial advisor and help educating every Filipino as to what “financial freedom” really means and how will it impact their future and their family.

Financial Literacy, Wait, What?

Financial literacy simply means knowing how to manage your money. It is the ability to understand how money works: how someone makes, manages and invests it, and also expends it.

But, it is a sad fact that most Filipinos are financially illiterate. Our culture does not teach us well to prepare for the future financially. We grow up with the mindset that the most important thing we should pay attention to are the things we consider as “necessity” such us our basic commodities like foods, shelter, and clothing. Savings is not really a part of the priorities. Much more this thing we call INVESTMENT.

The terms related to Insurance, Investment, and Savings oftentimes means an additional burden and we often just shrug it off because we think we can get by with life without it and we just don’t see the need for it as long as we get to eat 3x a day, send kids to school (elementary and high school at least), and well, buy some decent clothing. Guilty? Yes, me too! Thankfully something like Sun Life Financial is here to finally lovingly correct that. And they need your help!

Be a part of the team and become a Sun Life Financial Advisor!

What does it mean to become a Sun Life Financial Advisor?

As a Sun Life Financial Advisor, you can help people plan for their future as you enrich your present. As a Financial Advisor, you get to have the chance to be somebody’s hero through guiding someone in making financial decisions, specifically in making investments, and to make people’s dream a reality.

Sun Life Financial advisors does not work for Sun Life, they are actually partners!

Why Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor?

Three of Sun Life’s successful advisors shared their inspiring success stories to us during the forum and I was moved with the authenticity of their stories and was honestly convinced that they were not there to make promises, they were there to show us the sad reality of being financially crippled and that there’s hope to be free!

  1. The earning potential is limitless. Help someone to prepare and plan for their future while earning at the same time.
  2. Flexible Time – own your time and be your own boss. Being a Financial Advisor at Sun Life means you work at your own pace. Meet clients according anytime and anywhere.
  3. Travel Incentives – see the world! Yes! You work hard and you get rewarded with free trips abroad.
  4. Fulfilling Profession – there’s nothing more fulfilling than making a positive impact in someone else’s life by helping them fulfil their financial goals.
  5. Work with the country’s No. 1 Insurance company in terms of premiums for 7 straight years (2011-2017). This is according to the Insurance Commission (IC). Who does not trust a top insurance company?
  6. Benefits such as Advisors’ Provident Plan, Group Health Plan (HMO), Group Life Insurance, Loan Programs (Car Loans, Housing Loans, Computer Loans)

Former teacher Franchette M. Mejia – Unit Manager of Sun Life Financial of Narra Branch shared her personal story how and why she became a Sun Life Financial Advisor. She’s been with Sun Life for 8 years now.

How to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor
Whether you want to do it part-time or Full Time, you only need to:

  • Attend the interview and take the POP – Personality Orientation Profile/Screen Test
  • Gather and Submit Insurance Commission (IC) requirements
  • Attend the IIAP Review Session on May 11, 2018, Friday as preparation for the Licensing Exam at the Insurance Commission on May 16, 2018.
  • After passing the Licensing Exam at the Insurance Commission. Undergo the Sun Life Training Course then complete the contracting and coding process.

Embrace the Brighter Life. Be a Sun Life Advisor. Help Filipinos achieve a brighter life!

For Financial Advisors aspirants in Cagayan de Oro City you may contact directly Miss Franchette M. Mejia – Unit Manager of Sun Life Financial of Narra Branch here in CDO at:

Office Phone no.: (08822) 726-252
Mobile No.: 0905-441-64-65

Office Address:
Narra New Business Office
2/F Phil 1st Insurance Bldg.,
Pres. AGuinaldo cor. Borja Sts.,
Cagayan de Oro City

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