McDonald’s El Salvador NxtGen Store with Self-Ordering Kiosks

A totally new experience awaits customers of McDonald’s El Salvador, Misamis Oriental. McDonald’s definitely elevated its dining experience with new enhancements, which are sure to make your stay at McDonald’s better than ever.

Welcome to the first McDonald’s NxtGen Store in Northern Mindanao – McDonald’s El Salvador, Misamis Oriental. A NxtGen store exhibits modern yet inviting interiors, marked by neutral tones and atmospheric lighting, and unique noticeable features distinguished by digital integration.

McDonald’s El Salvador Self-Ordering Kiosks

Speaking if Digital Integration. McDonald’s El Salvador brings in the self-ordering kiosks completing customers’ NxtGen experience. The Self-Ordering Kiosk is designed to allow customers “a digitized alternative to order and pay for their McDonald’s favorites” and “provides a more seamless transaction process,” Talking about ordering within your fingertips! All the customer has to do is key in their orders at the kiosk and then pay!

Self-Ordering Kiosk

The kiosks accepts Mastercard and Visa card payments. Though currently McDonald’s El Salvador has not enabled this method of payment just yet. Customers can still pay in cash by proceeding to the designated kiosk payment cashier real quick too!

Congratulations McDonald’s El Salvador for stepping up and providing your customers an amazing and next level fast food dining experience!

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