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Breakouts! Every girl’s nightmare especially when it’s our time of the month. Lucky are those who are gifted enough not to experience such. I have to admit that I am not the most crazy with skin care, passive perhaps is a fitting term for me (guilty!). Toner and Skin Moisturizer are my essentials before applying makeup. And sunscreen of course when I am out there running in trails or training under the heat of the sun. But recently breakouts won’t leave me alone and is leaving me anxious!

A skin care routine must be established seriously! Not really for a gorgeous skin, healthy and glowing would be great *wink*! After all, our skin is 90% of our selfies! haha! Seriously, to achieve that glowing and healthy skin you must start with a proper skin care regimen, otherwise is all waste of time, effort and even money. There are tons of products that claims great results and it will be confusing which one to choose. I always look for reviews when choosing products and brands. I found this set of Girl Gorgeous PH beauty product that promises amazing result. The reviews and testimonies are quite compelling so I decided to give it a try.

Girl Gorgeous PH Skin Care Set (Credits to Photo Owner)

Glowing Cheeks Whitening Exfoliating Facial Scrub – It has cooling properties to help you relax after a tiring day. It also contains many active ingredients to give you a youthful glow! Use 3x to 4x a week.

Plumpy Skin Ultra Hydrating Foaming Cleanser – Sulfate free cleanser to help clear out the face from pimples and breakouts. It is infused with whitening actives and skin hydrating formula that will give the skin a smooth, supple, calm, and plump skin.

Clear Skin Miracle Toner – contains powerful ingredients: AHA, BHA & PHA to get rid of pimple, thus giving you a clear and radiant glow! It can also be used as final mist on your make up to prevent occuring of pimples.

Glass Skin Serum – very lightweight compared to heavy face creams in which it causes early sagging of skin. This serum has concentrated ingredients that has anti-aging properties and is non-comedogenic.

Oh, perhaps this quick tips in choosing the right formula for your skin will help. Remember that wrong formula for your skin can cause your skin some adverse effect, even worse – cause you acne, increase oiliness or even dry it more.

Determine your Skin Type

  • Dry – If you feel your face tight and the pores aren’t noticeable
  • Normal – If you feel your skin smooth and pores are barely visible. It’s neither dry or oily
  • Oily – If you feel your skin oily with visible pores
  • Combination – If you feel your skin smooth but its oily in the T-zone

It’s literally just my first day today and so far everything feels good to the skin. I cannot wait to share the result. We’ll see after a week how will this fare. Stay tuned for result, update, and recommendation!

Healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness!

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