Staycation at Limketkai Luxe Hotel via Traveloka

This week have been so draining and stressful for me that I feel I needed to get away from my own working space and go somewhere to just relax and unwind. It was a last minute decision to have a staycation – actually the night before the day I decided to stay somewhere for a day. Thank God for online booking applications as it made my life easier and definitely made the booking online possible and hassle free. I used the Traveloka App to book me a hotel room.

Honestly, I don’t normally use booking applications because I prefer to book directly at the hotel’s website where I want to stay. But because I was in bed already and was on mobile when I decided the staycation, I instead downloaded a booking application so I can book for a hotel room for the next day, I decided to go for Traveloka and I’m telling you, I had such an awesome experience!

Traveloka is a great booking application that assists travelers to get the most out their airfare and hotel booking experience in a quick and effective manner. I also love the fact that it is very easy to use and it gave me a lot of options as to which hotel to book and take note, the best rates were offered! Saved me hundreds! The app allowed me to see room options and best room rates per hotel. All I had to do is search for the hotels near my location (GPS should be turned on) and all available/affiliated hotels are displayed. Click on the hotel and you will be given the option to see more (rooms available and prices).

So to give you a glimpse of how reliable and efficient this Traveloka Booking app, I’m sharing with you my booking process (because I am that impressed! : D )


Opening the application prompts the user these options. I wanted to try booking for flights but I had to stop myself! I needed to focus on Hotels for now! :D. See the Ongoing Promos Tabs? Get your discount codes from there.

traveloka booking app

traveloka app
Browsed for Hotels near your location. When you pick on one hotel, you will be prompted for more options (rooms available and the room rates)

My booking! I booked at Limketkai Luxe Hotel for a day.

Reviewing the booking before proceeding to payment

Payment options. My room is discounted so I am one happy camper! Reserved a room for 3 guests so this discounted room rate is a great deal already.

And finally the confirmation that the payment have been received! I got a text message from Traveloka afterwards confirming my booking and then an email was sent containing my booking ID and the receipt

So the next day I went to Limketkai Luxe Hotel and showed my email (Booking ID) and I was on my way to a relaxing and stress-free day! That was fast! I super loved my room! Spacious and cozy!

I chose Limketkai Luxe Hotel because I also love its location aside from it’s among the City’s newest and posh hotels. Luxe is located near limketkai mall and just across my favorite coffee shop plus there’s 7/11 nearby! Haha! Yes I was dreaming of the ice cream!

Because I was with my boys, I opted for a room with twin beds. We got an extra bed because I reserved for three guests. My boys enjoyed their time at the hotel too and their favorite part? BREAKFAST! I have two teenage boys so you can just imagine the appetite! The breakfast buffet had them so excited! Me on the other hand, it was the Miss Universe that thrilled me! Haha! And of course I couldn’t let the infinity pool pass! I had to take a quick dip at the pool before checking out.

limketkai luxe hotel

I wished I booked for two days because I definitely had a great time and I felt like I needed more time for myself! Oh well, I’ll definitely book again especially now that I have Traveloka. The promo codes surely will keep me coming back! Thank you Traveloka for the awesome online booking experience and of course for the great deals!

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