Summer Fun at Seven Seas Waterpark Resort

Still feeling the summer vibe here! I’m definitely having an awesome summer so far! And it is even getting better with my recent adventure, this time with my blogging family, the CDOBloggers.

May 10 (Saturday), I finally got the chance to experience Seven Seas Waterpark Adventure! The place is near from where I live and I often just pass by it during regular early morning long runs actually but never got the chance to visit it. I have always wanted to check out the place as it sparked my curiosity since it opened its doors to the public. Thanks to CDOBlogger’s General Membership Meeting, I finally set foot at this awesome themed waterpark in Cagayan de Oro.

Seven Seas Waterpark Adventure is a pirate themed waterpark located in diversion road, Barra Opol.  At the moment it is the second largest waterpark in the country  and can accommodate up to 3000 guests in a day. The owners  were inspired with the goal in providing Kagay-anons and tourists a venue to complete the weekend or just an ordinary getaway.

Okay back to me and the cdobloggers adventure. We got there before it’s opening time (10AM) as we were excited and of course we wanted to take photos and shoot videos before other guest will start to crowd the place. The very accommodating staff ushered us to Swashbuckler Hut or should I say hall because it sure looked like a hall to me. Very spacious and exclusive. The Swashbucklers Hut can accommodate 30 to 50 pax. If you want a bigger function, go for the Clubhouse (Ahoy) as it can accommodate minimum of 150 to 200 persons, for entire area.

We had our sumptuous lunch there and we were shortly met by Sir Elpie Paras, President & Owner of Seven Seas Waterpark, President & CEO of UC-1 Corporation, the holding company of the Paras Group of Companies which includes Parasat Cable TV, Dahilayan Adventure Park, Arriba Telecontact etc., who recently also appointed as the Chairman of Promote NorthMin. He warmly welcomed CDOBloggers and gave us a brief introduction about the themed park and the things and development we should be looking forward to.

CDOBloggers with Sir Elpie Paras infront of the Swashbuckler Hut

After the brief introduction we proceeded to the tour around the resort. The place is huge and packed with attractions and awesome adventure rides, perfect for the adrenaline junkies! A total of 24 attractions are available for every guest to enjoy, with precaution.  


As mentioned, Seven Seas Waterpark Resort take pride of their 30 attractions and rides.

  • Jolly Roger Tower
  • Riptide Reef (boomerang slide)
  • Pira-chute (an open spiral slide)
  • Escape tunnel (an enclosed spiral slide)
  • Cyclone (the largest waterslide in the Philippines)
  • Pirate Lookout Tower
  • Plank drop (first vertical aqua loop slide in the Philippines)
  • Pacific racer (three tubed speed slides)
  • Cutlass (100-meter linear waterslide)
  • Cannonball Run (one of the highest and fastest free fall waterslide in the Philippines)
  • Sandbox
  • Moby Dick Whale
  • Mighty Maui Maelstrom
  • Mighty Maui River (the longest lazy river in the Philippines at a whopping 400m)
  • Fuerte de San Agustin
  • Pirate’s Museum
  • Treasure Island Garden Maze
  • Swashbucklers Hut
  • Ahoy Fastfood
  • Events Tent
  • Pirates Caraibes (aqua playhouse)
  • Captain Kidd’s Hideout (aqua slide house)
  • Crow’s Nest Aerial Bridge
  • Buccaneer Bay (one of largest dual wave pools in the Philippines)
  • Vortex Wave Pool
  • Tsunami Wave Pool
  • Shipwreck Island
  • Pirate Cove
  • Waterworks (Water balloon game)
  • Treasure Island


I was thrilled to go around the waterpark and was in awe with all the attractions. Unfortunately though, I will not be able to enjoy all the rides available for the adults because I have fear of heights! Though I braved the Cyclone ride (only because I was with other 3 companions) and guess what! I did it twice! It was nerve wracking and fun at the same time! I wanted to try those looooooong slides but the moment I got there, I chickened out and decided not to! hahaha! sareh nemen!

Here are some photos I took inside Seven Seas Waterpark Resort.

Treasure Island
The ladies before these 3 took off that slide

Our Cyclone Ride! This is the second time :D. Thanks Karl for taking the video and Mommy Jen of for posting this

Okay! That was one crazy ride! But there are more! WHO CAN TAKE RIDES?

Guests need to be at least 12 years old, weighing at least 40kg up to a maximum of 113kg, with a height of at least 4 feet. There are weighing scales and staff waiting at the entrance of each ride station to ensure that these rules are followed. And one very important thing is that you have to be in good health to do all these heart pumping rides! If you have hypertension you better make sure your heart can sustain the rush these rides will give you.

So ayan na nga! Aura much! Going to Fuerte de San Agustin
Fuerte de San Agustin
Ahoy mates! These treasures and our friendly pirates are found inside Fuerte de San Agustin
Can’t resist! 😀


Since the goal to become a world-class, primary tourist destination here in Northern Mindanao, the stakeholders of Seven Seas Waterpark Resort is not stopping in terms of development and providing their guests the best amenities. Here are few of the things we can look forward to.

1. A new kiddie waterpark inside is being built (project in progress)
2. They will open at night soon so to those who wants to enjoy the pool without exposing themselves into the heat of the sun can already do so.
3. A big hotel nearby to complete the tourists experience is in the works as well. We are looking into a world class somewhere along those beach areas nearby.

For more updates, you may follow Seven Seas Waterpark and Resort through their official social media pages. They can also be reached thru: E-mail: and Mobile: 0917 677 7678 or 0917 777 6795.

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