Take Five : Things to Do When You Need a Break at Work

Are you like me who tends to be so carried away and get so glued at work once you start with it? While it is important that we work hard, it is also important that we take a few breaks throughout the day. When I say break, I don’t really mean, taking your eyes off your work and go sulk in social media, because 10 minutes of scrolling through facebook is not really a break.

As for me, I want to rev my energy, do something productive while checking out for a few making sure I spend my break well. Here are the things that works for me.


Heading outside and walking 2 laps around my block, provided of course that the weather is good and conducive for walking outside. That way, I avoid being in a sedentary mode while I am completing my work time for the day.  A physical break to get your body moving can reduce the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time at a desk or laptop.

15-minute power nap! I love this especially when I didn’t have much of a good night sleep. I’d feel much more awake and ready to get back to the grind afterwards.

Brain Boosting Fun Activities!

So okay, there are times where I just want to take my mind off my work without going out. Times like this, I would go for Brain Boosting activities, or just fun games online that will totally take my mind off my workload, at least for a while. One of my favorite place to go is Solitaire.org. Well, the site reminds me of my childhood, all the card games available in the website is so much fun, though I must admit, solitaire is my ultimate favorite! Hey, it has been a life saver when bored ever since! Solitaire has been here even before all these fancy online games were created. Millennial or Gen Z and  have no idea how solitaire works? No worries, they got you covered! Everything about it is there, explained, the basics!

Another game that always sold me out, are word games! I love crossword puzzle but I prefer the Letter Scramble and the fact that I am given 5 minutes to form and think as many English words as I can from the letters given (the letters appear one by one). It’s fun forming all those words before time runs out! Totally love it! It sharpens the vocabulary and my mental alertness.


If you want something more challenging and you’re the type who loves to hunt, then definitely play the Hidden Object Puzzle Games! Really fun! Choose your challenge and go ahead get your mind to that detective thinking levels!


I work from home and I run my household too being a mom to young adults so doing little task at home is a form of taking a short break from work staying productive in a different area. Do a little walk around the home. I’d do things like grabbing empty mugs or glasses or plates that are lying around and take them to the sink, or wash the dishes if there are piles in the sink. Lunch break means also cooking for my lunch, but I make sure I already have something in mind so all I have to do is cook away and I don’t waste much time planning.

So there you go! Some of the things we can do to take five! Do take note that breaks increase productivity and efficiency. A period of focused work along with short and longer breaks have been shown to be one of the best ways to maximize your productivity.

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