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In this generation where everything is fast paced, we cannot afford to waste our time unproductive. However, there are factors that causes unproductivity to which we have no control of. TRAFFIC! It seems to be everywhere! Key cities in the country are flocked with vehicles causing a heavy traffic jam. As the years progressed the congestion of cars in the city seemed to have worsen. More cars, same narrow roads! Imagine how frustrating it is to spend hours to get to where you are going just within the city. I would personally compare my time consumed travelling going to the neighboring cities.

traffic jam

According to INRIX, a company that collects data on millions of miles of road around the world, traffic it’s the sign of a healthy economy. It is used as a proxy for economic activity because it measures people going to work and deliveries being made, according to INRIX. So okay, I get it, but still I cannot help but be stressed because it is eating so much of my time! Imagine doing nothing in an hour or so? I am honestly in the verge of dreading going to the gym, which by the way is a major De-stressor for me, because of the heavy traffic I usually have to go through on my way to workout.

Primavera City Living near shopping mall

This comes to a point where people would opt to stay home and avoid the traffic. Wouldn’t it be nice if you live in an area where everything is within reach, or within few meters away from your doorstep so you can get away with the dreaded traffic that eats up so much of your time?

Primavera City

Well, I actually experienced that with my short vacation in the Uptown area staying at Primavera Residences. The Uptown District is definitely flourishing. All you need is there! From shopping mall, to recreation areas. Imagine living in a place where SM City is just few meters away! Hungry? It is surrounded with restaurants such as Luna Ristorante if you love Italian Cuisine, Secret Garden if you’re into authentic Korean dishes, Barkadahan Grill, Shield Diner, to name a few. My workout issue have been addressed too since Primavera Residences is equipped with its own Gym and indoor swimming pool. Also, just behind SM which is a few meters away from Primavera is a huge area for joggers/runners (I did a quick 5km run early in the morning!).

Check out the famous landmarks of Primavera City

• SM City Mall
• Pueblo Golf Course
• St. Francis Xavier Chaplancy
• Xavier University School
• Corpus Christi School

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