#10andFabulous – CDOBloggers Celebrated 10th Year!

Time flies! It’s truly an amazing feat when something reaches a decade and even going stronger with no signs of stopping. That is The CDOBloggers Network (CBN) – Cagayan de Oro’s premier network of bloggers. This was started by Chiq Montes and some blogging enthusiasts 10 years ago that eventually became a SEC-registered organization along with few committed pioneering members at that time who saw the potential of the org. Fast forward to 2018, the organization breeds emerging bloggers and vloggers who are passionate with their craft and is aligned with the organization’s core mission which is to promote Cagayan de Oro City.

Because we are celebrating our 10 years anniversary, the officers agreed to do something big and unforgettable in celebrating the org’s 10th year. Thus, the realization of the KExTour2018 (Kagay-an Experience Tour 2018) and of course the Bloggers Ball to cap off the KExTour2018 and celebrate the anniversary.

The Bloggers Ball

Pulling off the Bloggers Ball wasn’t a walk in the park. The officers had series of meetings and brainstorming to ensure the Ball is realized and that everyone will have a grand time celebrating. Thanks to President Maia Poblete for giving her all, pulling the right strings, to give the cdobies and our guests a fabulous night. The officers had to do a lot of last minute party fixing! AVPs, Decorations, lights, sounds, venue arrangement, and the technical issues close to the start of the program. Thank God for everyone’s patience! It helped that we all remained calm and went through the process of putting everything together until we are ready!

The ball was themed “Rebels in Black & Gold: The CDO Bloggers 10th Anniversary Bloggers Ball”. And as members and guests started arriving at the venue, I got so excited that everytime I see someone coming in, I would gasp in excitement because boy oh boy! everyone surely looked amazing and right on point with their outfits! I was impressed!

I was tasked to host the party along with my partner in hosting as always Edu. We didn’t have the time to go through the program as we were both busy the days before and even on the day of the party (him – venue and decors, me with the AVPs). Thankfully we were able to do our parts and were glad to see everyone smiling and laughing with our “antics” whatever you guys call it on stage. Key was just be our normal crazy self! and it always worked! hahaha! Crazy is the new ready!

The Guest Speaker

We were honored by the presence of Congressman Rufus B. Rodriguez of the Second District of Cagayan de Oro City. It was my first time meeting him and I was a bit tensed because I would be reading his introduction and I was having hard time clearly seeing the letters (dim lights and contacts! :D). His credentials are out of this world I must say! Smart is an understatement! I love that he is a solid supporter of the blogging community and believes in the power of Social Media. Surprisingly I had fun listening to him as he shared his points and thoughts about blogging and social media. Must be the “WOOOW!” comment that kept me listening. hahaha! 😉 (there’s a funny back story of that “WoW” 😀 )

So anyway, he shared that when he was just starting in the Politics, their means of reaching out to the public was through radio stations and newspapers which was challenging because the reach was not as wide as they hoped.

Today, blogging and social media are bringing the people and communities together such that timely and relevant information is shared between us, their representatives in the government, and them, our constituents. In my Facebook page, young people would be messaging me and asking about scholarship, some people would be requesting to have their pathways paved, others would be alerting me to issues and needs of the Kagay-anons. In the same way, I can also post on my page updates on projects I have initiated for them, House Bills I have authored, even pictures I have of them. Social Media, done right, could be an important tool in bringing people closer. I also commend the bloggers here tonight who are constantly writing and promoting Cagayan de Oro to the world, the mommy bloggers who share valuable parenting information and tips to other parents, the tech bloggers for keeping us up to date on the latest technology, the political bloggers who are creating a platform where civic and political issues can be discussed.

The CDO Bloggers group is now on its 10th year and you have already proven yourself in the digital world. You will become increasingly relevant not just in Cagayan de Oro, but in the entire Philippines in the coming years.


Everything was to me a highlight! From the stage, the lights and sounds, and fabulous outfits of each attending members and guests! And oh, the Crostini Buffet by Restaurant Damaso which actually is becoming my favorite! I just loved everything that was on the buffet! If only, I could have them all! I have a half marathon the next day (early morning) so I was watching what I was feeding myself with.

And there’s the Rockaholic Band, CDO’s homegrown band who entertained us with songs we can all truly relate to during dinner and after the program. Their keyboardist among the pioneering members of CDO Bloggers – Richard Badlisan.

If it’s a ball, there’ll always be someone who will standout! Best Dressed of the night were CDOBlogger’s very own fashionista Germz Nabua and Lee I. Tan of Manolo Fortich Bloggers Association). Ms. Ruby of CDOmommyblogger.com won the Blogger of the Year award (voted by the members), and the grand prize which was an overnight stay at N-Hotel one of our main sponsors was won by Yours Truly!

we also handed out prizes to the most active pioneer and non-pioneer/non-officer bloggers, the May Forever sa Blogging award (to the husband and wife team of The Explorer’s Channel, Alvin and KC Curay), and there’s the Most Active Youngest Blogger award won by Chloe Alexandra Orteza.

Capping off the night was the closing remarks of CDOBloggers Network current President Maia Fortich Poblete who thanked everyone especially our sponsors and partners and shared how the ball came to be and encouraged the next set of officers to continue lifting up the organization and even do better in the next year.

Thank you to all our sponsors for “Rebels in Black & Gold: The CDO Bloggers 10th Anniversary Bloggers Ball”:

  • Atty. Rufus Bautista Rodriguez
  • SM CDO Downtown Premier for our venue (especially Ms. Ivy Guantero)
  • Restaurant Damaso for the uber delicious crostini bar
  • Centrio Mall (for the Robinsons gift certificates)
  • N Hotel (for the overnight stay gift certificate)
  • Ororama (for the gift certificates)
  • StreetBy (for the gift cards)
  • Smart (for the delicioso porchetta)
  • Krispy Kreme (for the four dozen Original Glaze doughnuts)
  • Louie Yee for the projector and screen
  • Vital Audio (for saving us with their lights – and for the audio system)
  • Odyssey Airport Vans (for transporting our non-CDO-based bloggers)
  • John Teves for the photos

Thank you to our friends KC and Alvin of The Explorer’s Channel, Kim of CDO Dev, Dave of Urban Life-Mindanao Gold Star Daily, Manolo Fortich Bloggers Association (Lee, Heterae, and Keinly), and Iligan Bloggers Society (Xy-Za) for, celebrating with us!

To this year’s set of officers, good job guys! We made it! <3