Handling finances everyday has been a thing for me ever since the start of adulthood, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate to me. With that being said, some or even most of us are bound to searching for tools that can help us keep track and calculate finances. The internet has been a great help as it enables us to find what we need in 1 search. I have always been fond of using calculators or converters online to calculate the exact things I want to know, and as always, there will always be a lot of websites offering tools that will help you calculate what you need to know. Most of them can be simple to use and some can be complicated, they get the job done nevertheless. As I was searching for calculators online, one website caught my attention with their simple and easy to understand layout. It was very convenient to look for the tools I need as they were already in 1 page with designs that isn’t too much for my eyes. Not only did the website layout look simple, but the tools I used were also very easy to understand and I just knew right away that bookmarking the website was the right thing to do if I wanted to access tools to calculate finances without going to separate websites or having to deal with complicated tools or overly designed webpage which isn’t really pleasing to the eyes. If you’re wondering what website I’m talking about, it is Calculators.org

What’s awesome is that I recently found out that Calculators.org has recently added games to their website which helps me ease the stress of having to track finances. They have a pretty good amount of games as well that are simple yet fun to play, and a lot of them are familiar to most of the people when it comes to mechanics. I decided to try and play the games they offered. I first tried playing Master Chess as it was one of my favorite game to play when I was in high school to pass time to the point that I almost decided to join the chess club back then. But let’s get back to the game itself. Everything was so familiar when I played Master Chess, I was pretty confident with my skills when it comes to playing chess so I played against an AI since I didn’t have anybody to play with at that time but I was aware that AI’s could really put up a fight, and when I was playing against this AI, I realized how much of a good work they have done in making this game as it made me think of every single move I made. The challenge it gave me was really fun and it made the perfect opponent for me despite not having a real person to play with and I’d definitely come back if I wanted to play chess to pass time. I attached the link along with the photo below if you want to try it out for yourself which I definitely suggest doing.

Another game that I tried was Tic Tac Toe which I’m pretty sure is very familiar to most of the people in the world. The mechanics of this game is very simple as you just have to connect three X’s or O’s inside the box and it’s just a matter of outsmarting your opponent when it comes to winning the game. It was one of my favorite games during class way back in high school as it was very easy to play sneakily with my seatmate every time the lectures bored me or when I was finished with activities during classes. What’s fun about the website’s version of Tic Tac Toe was not only did it over 3×3 mode which was the one I was accustomed to, but it offered 5×5 and 7×7 modes as well which was more challenging and took more time and thinking.

While looking for more games to play, I found UNO within their list of games which was very nice to find as it was a game that gave me a lot of memories. I remember playing it a lot of times with my friends and having good laughs with them while playing the game. Some people say that UNO is a game that destroys friendships, and I can pretty much understand why they say that because when it comes to playing UNO there will always be times that you’ll feel frustrated for being too close to winning then your friend suddenly decides to hit you with a +4 card which can be annoying most of the time. But the experience it gives you is so much fun nevertheless. Calculator.org offers a single player version of the game if you do not have someone to play with, and they also offer a multiplayer version of UNO in their website as it has been demanded by many that Calculator.org should add a multiplayer version of their UNO game, and they did not disappoint in fulfilling the request of many. I can personally appreciate this version of UNO knowing the current situation we are in right now due to the pandemic and being able to play UNO with friends despite being far away from each other is just an amazing experience being able to share the game that we love.

My experience with Calculators.org has been amazing, not only did they offer me tools to calculate things that I need to know, but they also offered games to remove the stress and just relive fun times. What really made me decide to stay and explore further into their website was the simple design and how appealing it looked to me. As someone who prefers things plain and simple, I appreciate the design the website had. Browsing for the calculator tools that I needed was easy, and I could say the same when I browsed the games they offered. Everything I looked for was just there for me to access. A website like this is definitely worth saving in my bookmarks tab.

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