Eating the Italian Style

I am a fan of anything Italian! The blended luxury and simplicity of their houses to their dishes that I think most of us Filipinos have learned to love too. One of the goals for me is to live in a modern Italian-inspired home and I found that at Primavera City. I am totally inlove with their selection of smart and elegant homes.

So given the opportunity, I would love to live the Italian way! And the closest I could get to that lifestyle is investing in a property that is Italian-inspired such as Primavera City. Apart from the home’s elegance, one thing I love about living and investing in Primavera City is its location. It is conveniently situated at Uptown CDO, along the Pueblo Business Park and the area is surrounded by commercial centers, and restaurants! Places to eat! The “eating” part surely resonates! I honestly love to eat as much as I also love to workout.

I mentioned about loving everything Italian and I am so thrilled to know that Luna Restoranti is just around the corner and very very accessible! In fact it is just at the ground floor or Primavera Residences. Luna Ristoranti serves the best Pizzas and Italian cuisine in Camiguin, now finally serving in Cagayan de Oro completing my Italian way of living without going to Italy! (I would still love to go there though if given the chance).

luna restorante cdo

Luna Restoranti serves authentic Italian Pizza and pasta dishes that will surely leave its customers craving for more! Add fresh salads and delicious Italian desserts to complete your Italian culinary experience.

Check out their mouth-watering menu and beverages that go along best with whatever you will have.

Photo Credits: Luna Ristoranti CDO Facebook

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