Finding My Reliable Partner in Savings Online

People all around the world are experiencing the harsh effects of inflation, and I am one of those who are badly affected by this. As someone who is keen about spending money be it for leisure or for necessity, I am always aware how much I’ll be spending on my grocery runs or going out to buy something I need. One instance I can share was when I went to the grocery store and as I went to the section where packed eggs are displayed, I was in shock of how much it has increased in price. So after picking up one dozen of eggs, I went to pick up 3 in 1 coffee and then instantly noticing that the prices went up as well. That’s when I knew I couldn’t pick up the usual things I buy without looking at the price and I had to adjust my budget and make a new list with the current prices on my list.

I went home and thought about how the way I’m handling finances right now won’t suffice or be good for me in the long run. I’ve seen a lot of content creators online sharing financial advices and that made me realize that working isn’t just enough to give me financial security in the long run. I have recently entertained the idea of investing my money and starting a small business or side hustle to cater my needs without feeling too much pressure financially. 

Before doing anything else I had to do my research regarding what I would need and how much I would be spending in proportion to what I was earning. In my search for the perfect tool to use in tracking how much money I’d be investing and saving I finally found an easy to understand tool in doing that. It took some time to test out different tools that would be easy for me while also accurately tracking my savings. The website that I found was and the first time I used their tool, it looked so simple and easy yet it does the job just the way I wanted it to.

This is how the tool looks on the site. It looks plain and simple right? As simple as it looks, it does get the job done and calculates what I need to know accurately. What I liked about this tool was the option to put the inflation rate which was the issue. I was most concerned about after all the research I have done, and this tool did not disappoint. It has made my calculation easier during this period in which inflation is becoming a serious issue.

The calculator isn’t the only tool available on the site, it also has a Savings section where I can set a goal and calculate how much I need to save every month and how long it would take me to reach my goal with the amount of money I save every month. The site offers foolproof tools for calculating savings and expenses so it makes tracking expenses less complicated than it already it is.

This site is without a doubt a great help to someone like me who is struggling with today’s financial crisis, allowing me to keep track of my savings efficiently.

With all of those things said, the amount of money I’ll be saving or investing to reach my goal of being financially secure in the future still depends on how I discipline myself financially. I’m still glad that tools like this are easy to access and the best thing about it is it’s free. I have seen a lot of paid tools and I am glad that I found this free to use calculator that is on par or even better with those paid versions.

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