This Week’s Top 5 Everyday Value Meals via GrabFood

I am PMS-ing! You know what it means? It’s a full week of being hungry all the time! My cravings are unlimited! While it sucks that I cannot go out as often as my cravings call for,  thankfully,ordering food and satisfying cravings are as easy as 1-2-3! Thanks to the Internet and applications created making our lives easier and giving in to our cravings easier too! (Is that even a good thing? Lol!)

Speaking of apps, I opened my Grab Food application again and I’m thankful that I did because I found GrabFood Everyday Value Meals! It gave me tons of options which obviously included vendors that would satisfy the cravings. With  GrabFood Everyday Value meals , I have affordable options to eat —starting at 99 pesos. On top to this, you can enjoy  daily promos and deals in the section!

So without further ado (because I am yet to eat my recent order), here are 5 of the value meals I tried via the GrabFood Everyday Value Meals.

  1. Al Pater AL Palapa – Because I am such a sucker for anything spicy, I thought of having something spicy for lunch so I ordered pater which of course included palapa (yes, for spicy!). I had Al Pater Tuna and Al Pater Beef (50 pesos each), so I only spent 100 for both and I am already solved!

2. Mexican Craze – Ororama Cogon – Yes for Quesadillas! I normally make one for myself with tons of cheese for snacks. I had to check out the quesadillas from Mexican craze because it’s only 80 pesos per serving! Got myself the Beef Quesadilla and it didn’t disappoint!

3. The Sushi Box-Carmen – Just not 99 but definitely affordable at P224/box of 12! I got myself the Assorted sushi (12 pieces) and I would say, it was worth the price. Even shared it with some friends as I was out of my house when I had it delivered. Yes for sure, even if you are somewhere else, you can still order from Grab Food and have it delivered your way! Cravings not denied! 😛 . You can also have the Micro Box (6pcs) at P123 only. Check out photos below to see the varieties. Can you name them?

4. Gerebise Barbecue House – Barbecues are among the few guilty pleasures I have! I seldom eat pork but when it’s barbecue, I will not say no! My Thursday cravings were something grilled, so, I was glad to have found Gerebise Barbecue in the Grab Food app. I got myself a Grilled Chicken BBQ (Pecho part came with rice) for P100 only and of course included 3 pieces of Pork BBQ at 22 pesos each! 1 cup of rice was not enough! Loved it!

5. Syobe Sweet Milktea Corner – The sweet tooth in me craved for a milk tea, so I browsed for options via GrabFood and viola! I found something new! How does Chocolate Nutella Premium Milk Tea sound to you? I don’t know about you but it definitely made my day! It’s only P120. Their milk tea classic series is only P95.

It was a week full of crazy cravings and I am not yet done! LoL! I love how GrabFood is helping me satisfy my cravings with the best and  most affordable options. So whether you are just craving for something or you have no time to prepare a meal for yourself or for your family, try the Everyday Value Meal options on GrabFood. Open your app and look for the “Starts at 99” option and enjoy browsing/ordering! 

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