In winning over cancer, awareness is always key. To promote cancer awareness and the importance of financial planning in winning over the disease, FWD Philippines collaborated with the Philippine Cancer Society to present Plan with Purpose, a cancer awareness and charity drive that happened in FWD Business Hubs around the country, including Cagayan De Oro City. 

During the awareness event held in Cucina Higala, CDO last February 27, 2020, the attendees were educated on the following:

  • Learn the importance of cancer prevention and early detection
  • Know the real deal between taboos and misconceptions about cancer
  • Understand the importance of financial preparedness to battle cancer

The cancer awareness discussion was led by Dr. Rachel Rosario, the Executive Director of Philippine Cancer Society. As a medical expert and a cancer survivor herself, Dr. Rosario shared an insightful yet entertaining discussion on the meaning of cancer, how it develops, and how we can prevent it. She pointed out that CANCER can be genetic and hereditary, but it is also a lifestyle disease – which means we can get it because of the food we eat and the kind of lifestyle that we live. 

Cancer can be hereditary – If you have a history of cancer in our family, you should be more watchful on your health and do regular check-ups. We don’t inherit the cancer genes in our family but we inherit a weak immune system and other diseases that may lead to cancer. 

Lifestyle – if you think you’re not getting cancer just because your family don’t have a history of having the disease, then you are mistaken. Cancer is a lifestyle disease which means we can get it primarily because of the kind of food we intake and the kind of lifestyle that we live. 

Research says that a huge percentage that causes cancer is SMOKING. Dr. Rosario revealed that smoking does not only cause Lung Cancer but also cancer in the different parts of our body. 

The food we eat everyday also constitutes to having cancer or not. If you usually eat processed foods like basically everything we eat for breakfast (hotdogs, corned beef, meat loaf, SPAM, etc.), then you should think about it the next time you do your groceries. Processed foods contains components that may trigger cancer cells. 

Dr. Rosario advised that instead of eating processed foods, we should start eating green veggies, fruits, and whole foods. Let us learn the habit of preparing our food from scratch and do away with the canned goods! 

How Can We Prevent Cancer? 

Aside from living a healthy lifestyle, we should make it a routine to go to our doctor regularly and do an overall general check-up. This helps us to discover if there are lumps or early cancer cells developing in our body. The earlier we detect it, the better is our chance of surviving cancer. 

Furthermore, Dr. Rosario mentioned that there are different actions we can take depending on the stage of cancer we are in: 

None – prevent. If you don’t have cancer yet, try your best to prevent from developing it. Live a healthy lifestyle, avoid smoking or inhaling second-hand smoke, eat your fruits! Prevent it as much as possible.

Stage 1-2: cure and prevent. Do regular check-ups, do chemotherapy. Cure it and prevent it from getting worse.

Stage 3-4: cure. Do everything in your power, money, and prayers to cure it.

Terminal: comfort. Spend time with your family/friend. Comfort them.

Another useful advice that Dr. Rosario shared about preventing cancer is to PREPARE FOR IT FINANCIALLY. 

We Filipinos are mostly reactive. We react on a situation if we are already there and that won’t help us in surviving cancer at all. We only go and see our doctor if we are already sick, primarily because we thought that it is expensive. But, we never realize that it only gets expensive when we consult a health professional when our condition is already at its worse. 

FWD Philippines want to eradicate this reactive behavior and turn the Filipinos to a proactive community instead. Being proactive means you prepare for the worst scenario ahead. In dealing with cancer, the cancer patient is not the only one who is suffering but his/her family as well. Having a cancer patient in the family is not easy, you deal with different stresses – emotionally and financially. 

With this, FWD Philippines aims to have every Filipino family ready for cancer, financially. 

In fighting the Big C, FWD takes care of money matters so you can take care of what really matters – getting better and stronger. FWD stays with you and helps you pick yourself up even when life takes a downturn because you are covered from all types of cancer for 15 years at any stage.

If the cancer is at the early stage, FWD will give you 20% of the benefit amount with the remainder of the benefit still available to you should the cancer progress or you are diagnosed with another cancer.

If the cancer has progressed beyond the early, non-threatening stage, you will receive the full benefit amount, guaranteed.

With FWD’s Plan with Purpose campaign, they offer the following benefits to help you prevent and prepare for cancer:

  • Financial Protection up to PHP 2 Million
  • Affordable, easy-to-pay options
  • Coverage from all types of Cancer for 15 years
  • Quick and easy application 

Talk to a trusted FWD planner today and let them help you in taking care of you and your family, financially. 

For questions and queries, you may contact FWD at CustomerConnect.ph@fwd.com or call their hotline at +632 8888 8388. 

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