Short realizations amidst everything that’s been going on.

When I choose to read something powerful and positive, the demons retreat. When I choose to pray, meditate, or write what I am grateful for, the demons disappear. They can’t stay around the LIGHT. So, when I consistently shine that light in areas in my life I want to improve, my life does improve. When I seek the good, eventually I find the good. When I find the good, I believe in the Good! I don’t see the demons anymore; they are so faraway that they are unnoticeable. But when I feel their presence in the distance, I know it is because I slip back into bad habits. I just remind myself WHY I am committed to do this work everyday? Because it feels good, because it makes my life better and the ripple effect of that is so many more lives will be better. Everyday I commit to seek the good, to consciously look for the good in my life, in others, in the world around me.

What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. I want my life to make a positive difference for myself but more importantly for everyone I care about. I know I can do that if I remain focused on the GOOD, focused on the processes that WORK. I commit to that work everyday.

Shine that light in the areas of your life you want to grow.

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