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So it’s basically the 4th day of the 30-day blog challenge and damn it’s true old habits are hard to break! I am just starting and here I am starting to fall off the wagon! hahaha! I’ll catch up promise!

So today is … well still in quarantine mode due to the corona virus threat. I lost count already as to how many days have we been into this community quarantine. Technically staying at home is not new to me since I have been working from home for years now and the only routine that has been change since the quarantine is my time going out to workout at the gym, or run to just sweat or train. The bonding with friends of course I miss it too. So anyway back to today’s challenge.

Me Recently

Me clocking in an 8-kilometer run just outside my house on a Friday afternoon

Photos above and below are photos of me taken just recently (Thursday & Friday). As I have mentioned this quarantine affected my routine in terms of training (running and strength/weights training at the gym). Since our city was put into Community Quarantine (CQ), everyone is strongly advised to stay at home and subsequently a lot of businesses closed including the fitness gyms in the city. The advised to stay at home also discouraged runners to run outside at any given time. So now what? Does that mean, we give in into a sedentary lifestyle because we cannot go out to exercise? OF COURSE NOT!

Home Workout – HIIT sesssion (45 minutes) via a video from Popsugar Fitness on Youtube and then a core workout (25minutes)

While staying at home is strongly advised to avoid catching the corona virus and become a carrier yourself possibly infecting your family and loved ones, staying healthy and having a strong immune system is also highly recommended to fight the virus. So yes! we still have to move while we are at home and stay fit and healthy. WHO recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week, or a combination of both. This is actually achievable even at home. You just have to be resourceful and commit to a new workout routine at home. Every little movement counts. It’s actually not much of a challenge for me as I am used to working out at home. I actually started home workout before I got myself into working with a coach at the gym way back 2015. It’s the running part that I have to adjust a bit. Before the quarantine I averaged 35-60 kilometers of running distance in a week and I normally do them at the Sports Center, along some road route, or in trails. I know I won’t be hitting the same mileage with the quarantine going on but I look into running at least 15-kilometers weekly and the rest some home workout.

So far, I think we are on the 2nd week of the quarantine and my workout sessions at home have been amazing! I am able to run 20km first week and 16km this week. I managed to run just outside my home’s gate (50meters loop), it is challenging as it can make you dizzy going back and forth at a 50meters loop, but definitely doable! I alternate it with home workout routines, I usually do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Trainings) as it burns more calories without spending so much time working out. I have a complete set of the Insanity 60-day challenge videos, definitely a kick ass and intense workout! Youtube also is my friend! Tons of FREE HIIT workout videos available whatever your fitness level is! Also thankful to some Zumba instructor friends who generously go facebook live and hold a zumba session for free!

See? There’s no reason for anyone not to be fit even if we are all isolated in each of our homes. It all depends on you! If you really want it, you will find a way. And oh! don’t forget to eat healthy too and keep yourself hydrated 🙂 . If you need help or guidance, some tips how to start working out at home, ping me! I am just a message away. Stay healthy and safe everyone!


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  1. Pag ka gwapa ba oist! Sexy kaayo! You should have placed your before and after photos… it will always be a good reminder of your effort and will to triump! But still, you look so good gyud!

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