What Makes Me Feel Better – Always

When life gets tough, when things don’t go my way or how I wished them to be. When things gets so upsetting, when people get into my nerves, when those I trust betray me, when my genuine friendship is returned with betrayal, when my efforts are unnoticed – — how do you respond?

How do you respond to life’s tantrums, bitterness, and blows? Personally, when I am feeling so down, mad, disappointed, and confused – whatever state of emotion I am in, I always choose to be on my knees to PRAY. As cliche it may sound but really, praying does a lot of wonders. I have proven that each time for years now since I accepted Jesus as my Savior.

Whenever I pray, I usually have this peace that comes over me. A great feeling of a ‘rush’ – difficult to explain actually, it’s as if what I am thinking of, or praying about is being ‘acknowledged’, or my cries have been heard and this sense of being consoled and the assurance that things will be okay envelopes my entire being. Sometimes a problem I’m having no longer seems that important.

Friends, we in a crazy world! Life is crazy and full of uncertainties, no one knows what lies ahead as it is unpredictable. Definitely the opposite of that fairy tale we use to dream about when we were kids. It would rob us our happiness, it’ll suck the peace out of us — but only if we allow it. In this world of chaos, I hope you will learn to pray each time especially when things get rough. Trust me, praying improves your mood – it will make you feel better afterwards. You don’t have to memorize anything, just be there, talk to Him as if you are talking to your father right front of you. Whether you pray to give thanks, to cry out, or just rant, He listens. Every prayer is good. Every prayer is important. Every prayer is heard. God hears you. You are His child. Go chat with your good, good father who loves you. He is always there to listen.


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  1. I totally agree with you on this. Though for my writing prompt I answered coffee, what really gets me through in my life is prayer even though there are times I don’t feel better after. And that is where faith comes in… not feeling it but believing that it will get better in time through God’s abundant grace.

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