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Styling Festival Wear for Your Daily Wardrobe

Every year, we see people come up with the craziest festival outfits. Although we expect outrageous and creative ensembles at the likes of Burning Man, festivals like Coachella and Ultra have become the biggest costume parties on the planet, with goers donning everything between Canadian maple leaf pasties to priest costumes.

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From all the pictures that circle around the Internet in festival season, people are often left under the impression that the wilder the outfits, the better. Despite all the media hype, you should always wear what you’re comfortable with and don’t feel the need to live up to the stereotypical festival outfit standards. In fact, there’s a wide range of clothing that work both as festival gear and daily wear, which is great as it eases the pressure of having to dress up at these huge live music events while still being functional enough to wear on non-festival days.

As it is the season for all our favorite music festivals, fashion bloggers, celebrity stylists, and anyone concerned with the fashion industry will be contributing their wardrobe ideas for these music extravaganzas. Lyst, a renowned international retailer, has specifically compiled a number of casual dresses that would easily be spotted on festival grounds and on the street, inspiring us to come up with our own tips on pulling off festival wear on any given day.

Pair a peasant dress with sandals or slip-ons

The breezy element of these dresses need to be paired with shoes that are just as down to earth and easy going, making sandals the perfect match for this garment.

Wear a loose crop top with a high waist skirt

Crop tops are a staple at festivals, but those that don’t enjoy the tight variety, go for the loose version which is on-trend and equally as flattering.

Add a hair bow to a shorts and chucks combo

The tomboyish look is another popular ensemble for spring and summer festivals, but if you feel like adding a feminine touch, a cute hair bow should do the trick.

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