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Which Watch To Wear

Personally I think a watch is a jewelry every woman should have. Though with the current advancement of technology where probably most of us does not consider wearing one as time is available on our phones and/or tablet, do consider that a watch can spice up one’s overall look (which phones can never replace). All it takes is to know which is the right watch to sport on certain occasions and how to sport it.


While I admit that I am so fashionably out of fashion when it comes to mixing and matching my outfit with my watch or vice versa, I agree that a watch make a huge difference to an outfit. Here are some tips to help you decide which watch to sport and wear it right.

Get the Right Fit
Whether you use it for sports, casual, an evening party, or on a regular day, it is important that you wear a watch that is never too tight or never too loose especially for women. For men make sure it fits perfectly.

Parties and other Formal Events Watch
Ladies, aside from a gorgeous bracelet, you can opt for a formal watch. A watch that is suited for formal events should be constructed of a precious metal (silver, gold, or platinum) and make sure the size does not overwhelm your wrist otherwise it will become a distraction and you don’t want your wrist to be overpowering your overall look.

The Sports Watch
I personally wear my sports watch (smart watch) even after my workout. A sports watch is conveniently invented to track progress (steps, heart rate, etc.) while the user is at work. I love how I don’t have to take my phone with me while working out as my smart watch is connected to my phone and I can receive text messages and emails through it, and even calls! Never ever wear your sports watch with your suit or with your formal getup.

The Everyday Watch

Okay, this may be confusing to some because everyday can mean just a casual watch but what if you feel a little girly or dressy on a given day? I would recommend having at least 2 pairs of everyday watch, the kind of rugged one and the fabulous watch as I call it. Check out ZALORA’s selection of Casio watches as it is a pretty cool selection. I love to mix and match outfit so I do not just stick to one everyday watch.

To me a great watch is something that speaks your style without words. I prefer the simple designs and I just love two-toned watches so don’t be surprised to see me sporting most of the time two-toned pieces. So there you go! I hope this helped!

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