I have a little fitness secret to tell you. I wear makeup at the gym when I workout. Shhh… Okay, okay, before you go ahead jump and judge me, let me tell you why! Well I just don’t like going out there bare faced considering that I have to be travelling at least 30 minutes going to the gym. I do commute so you’d understand that I would want to look at least presentable with people around while I am just sitting there with my earphones on listening to my music list. And hey! The gym is a room full of mirrors, who doesn’t want to look good? Haha!

Anyway, I don’t really go heavy on makeup when I workout because the last thing I want to have are breakouts. Sweat mixed with makeup is not good as it can clog pores causing breakouts. That is why it is not really advisable to wear makeup during workout, but if you MUST (like me) be out there a little made up, make sure you use the right products. I personally just to simply touch up my face with my few makeup must haves. Here’s my list below:

Water based moisturizer – I love to keep it lightweight. Water based moisturizer is just refreshing to the skin while it does its job in controlling skin’s oil and shine.

BB Cream – I just put in a little just enough for complexion coverage and hide the blemishes. Choose an oil-free foundation because it allows your skin to breathe unlike the oil-based ones that traps the sweat under your makeup.

Loose Powder – I would skip the bb cream or tinted foundation whenever I have breakout. But because I don’t like to go out bare faced, I’d dub in a little loose powder after applying my water based moisturizer.

Waterproof Mascara – eyes are windows to your soul so to me, love to keep it beautifully open even when I am busting my butt on the gym. Be sure to wear a waterproof mascara as we don’t want any mascara running down our face while we sweat it off.

Lip Tint – don’t want to show up at the gym looking so made-up with a bold lip statement so taking it easy on my lippies. I normally go for nudes or light colored lip tint to stain the lips. It lasts and it’s light.

Eyebrows – kilay is life! I can go my way to the gym without putting all those makeup above but the eyebrows I just can’t skip for the life of me! Hahaha! I am obsessed with Drawing Eyebrows pencil by etude house (shade #3). I would recommend using a gel-based eyeliner that is sweat and humidity-resistant. Any brand that is waterproof and smudge proof, you eyebrows will still be gorgeous even when you are sweating! Just avoid rubbing it off though ?.

I would skip the blush on and the eyeliner part because I think it would be too much for me. So what about you? Do you have any products/brands you highly recommend to ladies like me who refuses to sweat it out bare faced?

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