Tips On Choosing A New Doctor

Finding a new primary care physician can be difficult. You might have to find a doctor who is in a specific network in order to satisfy the requirements of your insurance, or you might need to find a doctor who specializes in a certain medical practice so that you can receive the treatment that you need. There are a few tips that you can follow in order to find the best doctor possible for your needs and the needs of your family.


A physician such as the Dr John Clarke St Petersburg FL office often specializes in surgery and other care that is specific to one area of the body. If you’re looking for someone who treats all conditions, then consider a family practitioner. This is a doctor who will be able to diagnose some of the common ailments, and if there is anything that the doctor isn’t sure of diagnosing, then a referral to a specialist can be made.

Talk to your insurance company once you have a few doctors in mind to see who is in the network and who isn’t. If you see someone who isn’t in the network, then you will likely have to pay a higher fee when you go to the office. Look for a doctor who will meet the needs of yourself as well as other members of the family. Some doctors are family physicians who will treat adults and children while others only see one age group in the office. You also need to look at the general practitioner over the internal medical doctor. The internal medicine doctor usually works with patients who have chronic conditions and who have centralized illnesses instead of those who have generalized complaints or who need to see a doctor for regular check-ups.

Talk to others who have been to the doctor you are interested in seeing. Look at websites to see reviews, and find out from family and friends who they have seen so that you get an honest review. You also need to think about the location. If you want to travel, then you have more options, but if there is an emergency, then you have to think about the distance from your home to the office.

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