Fitness: Chest and Back Workout

gym chest and back workout

In my almost two years in this fitness journey I have come to know my body more, its weakness and its strength. While it is very rewarding to see progress and how each body parts have developed muscles and get toned, seeing some parts of your body slowly (like seriously slowly catching up with the rest) can be very frustrating at the same time. In my case, it’s my back part! I don’t know, perhaps it’s just how it goes, the front part pretty much responded to the workout and diet then all the excess fats seemed to have camped out at my back and found it very comfortable to stay in. lol! Not for long buddies!

So this year, coach and I will be devoting a lot of effort on my back part because most of my fats seems to be loving it there as mentioned! hahaha! I know it’s not gonna be an easy journey but I have more patience to combat them stubborn back flabs! :D.

Anyway, I’m sharing with you ladies some of the routines I did to work on my chest and back on one of my sessions. My coach wasn’t around this time so I had to do my own set of routines for the day.

back workout

Chest and Back Routines:

cardio (treadmill) – 15 minutes
T-Bar Row (wide grip) – 20 x 4 (30lbs weight)
Lat Pulldown (rear/front) – 15 x 4 (30-40 lbs)
One-arm bent over Dumbbell row (not in video) – 15×4 (20 lbs)
Pec Fly – 20 x 4 (4 stones)
Push ups – 20 x 3

Hanging leg raise – 20 x 4
Weighted Roman Chair Crunches (22lbs plate) – 20 x 4

Go on your own pace, your own comfortable weights. Learn to listen to your body. This is not a competition so be yourself and just enjoy the workout! :). Anything you wanna share? Please leave it on the comment box! Fighting!

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  1. Oh my golly gee, I wish I have your perseverance and determination when it comes to being fit. I have zero. When I see food, I grab them wholeheartedly…with open arms, too!
    But maybe, after seeing this post, I’ll enroll myself to a gym class , the gym is just outside our village…beside a restaurant! Haha!

    Hugs from the eastern side!

  2. While I was watching your video, my son kept on teasing me. He tapped my tummy and said, “Mom, you should go to the gym.” Hahaha… Oh well, what can I do? I am not yet ready. Chos!

    Bitaw Mommy, it was nice seeing you workout. I am happy that you have become an ambassador not only in beauty and fashion but in fitness as well. You are a great influence! Someday, I will validate it myself once I go to the gym with you or even in another. Hahaha…

    1. hahaha! I can just imagine David’s face while he is telling you that. I can’t wait to see you rocking any workout one day! Thanks mommy for always cheering me, it helps to keep me going. And messages from friends, even those I don’t know that much telling me they are inspired by my fitness posts is rewarding too! it fuels the advocacy to spread a good healthy and strong lifestyle especially to women and moms like us. laban lang! 😀

  3. Wow! Super sexy momma! Ang hirap naman ng pinag gagawa mo, parang di ko keri! But infairness, sa 2 years na un, sobrang effective naman talaga dahil sobrang sexy mo na! Go lng ng Go!

    1. hahaha! Tiis ganda daw! But seriously I have come to love strength training since I started working with my coach. It made me see how strong my body is :). wait til you see my legs/glutes routines! crazy hard but rewarding in the end! hahaha! adik mode.

  4. great routine! I love lat pull down! can’t miss it every time i’m at the gym. Sure you’ll get there and work out more on how to tone your back part. I go to the gym 2-3 a week.

    1. Thanks! cannot miss the lat pull down when working on my back! I go to the gym 5x a week but I decided to cross train so I do run 2x a week and strength training 3x :).

    1. Thank you! I do run 2x a week as a cross-training to give my body a diversion, something it will respond to. Keep on jogging if that’s what you love to do to keep you healthy :).

  5. Phew! Watching you work out made me feel so tired! LOL! How I wish I can have the will to actually go through a work out routine like you, I’m feeling so pudgy but I’ve never really tried going into a gym before, I’d feel so self conscious! 😛 Kudos to you! 🙂

    1. 😀 thanks! I find it both challenging and fun..all because I have seen the result and got addicted to it. Results made all the wonders and it kept me going knowing that I want more and I don’t want to go back to being overweight.

  6. I tried going to the gym several times, but it’s literally just going. Lols. I didn’t enrol though I am convinced for now that I really need the gym to trim some unwanted fats on my arms and belly. They say it’s all about will power and disciple. However, I still lack the first as of this moment. 🙂

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