5 Reasons Why Workout Is Better with a Buddy

Working out oftentimes requires mental toughness especially when you do it alone. Though on a personal note, since I got myself into this active lifestyle, working out solo has never a problem to me as I prefer to workout alone for some personal reasons. Reasons which I will talk about in a separate post. BUT I have to admit, there are times where I reaaallly don’t feel like working out and not too motivated to get things done! That’s where I could use an extra push! Enter workout buddy! Having someone to workout with always gives me the extra motivation and boost.  I have heard a lot of friends saying they don’t like working out or going to the gym alone. That surely is a huge roadblock for them in achieving those fitness goals. That is understandable especially for those who just started their fitness journey. I actually talked about working out with friends briefly few months back. Click Starting Your Fitness Journey to read further.

Anyway, back to our topic for today, here are 5 reasons Why Workout is Better with a Buddy or a Friend

  • Fun – yes! It’s more fun to workout with a friend. Chances are, you are going to do it more and working out is something you’d look forward to doing in a day thinking you have someone to do it with. If you have someone to laugh with as you work out, you’ll have more positive emotions related to working out and you’ll stop dreading it.
  • Accountability – you and your workout partner can hold each other accountable. The other person is counting on you to stay on track with them with the workout and even with the diet. If one is demotivated, the other can help re-motivate you. Guilt is an effective motivator! You don’t want to let your friend down by bailing out on him/her, so you would rather pull your ass off that couch and go out to exercise with your buddy. Someone is counting on you to show up! Now, that extra level of accountability increases your odds of success.

  • Variety of Workout/Routines – We are all unique individuals so it is natural that though you both love to workout, your interests when it comes to the type of workout will have a, if not big, a slight difference. Maybe the other friend likes running, while you like dancing, or perhaps strength training, HIIT routines, or lifting weights. The beauty of having different workout taste is you both get the chance to have variations of workout. It’s always a good idea to get out of your comfort zone! Changing things up can support the goal of making exercise both enjoyable and challenging. And hey! If it means burning calories, definitely go for it!
  • Friendly Competition – competition is good! I mean healthy competition! We only encourage lifting one another and that means you get competitive when working out together through pushing yourself a little bit more. Surely each of you have your individual strength and you will learn from each other. Become each other’s inspiration to push further, or maybe farther, for those friends who run together ? . Let me remind you, don’t be so competitive that you’d secretly becomes envious which eventually makes your friend your “frenemy”. Let this be something that will make the friendship stronger.
  • Someone to Celebrate With – Surely you both have goals WHY you started with the workout. Achieving those goals, like being able to run 5km together at a shorter time, or longer mileage together, completing a grueling High Intensity Interval Workout, OR this, the best reward,  shedding off the extra pounds after weeks of working out together! Can you imagine the thrill?! Having someone to celebrate wins whether small or big is an added bonus when you have a workout buddy to celebrate it with. You’d keep your eyes on your fitness goal and you’d look forward to smashing those goals together and then celebrate the victory after!

There! You see working out with a friend can keep you motivated, it can push you to be better and up your game, give your best each time. It can hold you accountable for getting into your best shape. So if you are having trouble committing to your workout regimen because you get bored easily and you are the type who likes to do things with a company, call a friend and invite him/her to sweat and burn calories with you!

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