Fitness : Half Marathon Goal Unlocked

When the year 2017 opened, I made some goals for myself to accomplish within the year. In my Fitness goals list is finishing a 21 kilometers run or a half-marathon run. So January I started cross training, from just doing strength/weights training at the gym, I included running at least twice a week. I normally do road runs with friends and late afternoon long runs at the sports complex.

mapawa trail run 2017

So finally on May 28th, that goal to finish a half marathon is ticked off my goal list for the year! I joined the Mapawa Trail Run along with my fitness buddies Elena and Glen. I was honestly hesitant to join at first because I didn’t think I’ll be able to endure it! My longest run so far was 11km and those were done on flat surfaces. But this one? hey! we are talking about trail run here and it’s a half marathon trail run!

Trail running is a sport which consists of running and hiking over trails. In the United Kingdom and Ireland it is called mountain or fell running. … Runners often cite less impact stress compared to road running, as well as the landscape and non-urban environment, as primary reasons for preferring trail running.

But because my friends were so persistent, we registered anyway — one week before the event! crazy right? Well, we are all constantly working out so I guess the strength is already there. I just had to battle that self-doubt and start believing in myself. It was our first time to join a half marathon trail run and given the short time, we could only do so much to prepare. So one week before the trail run, we did a “test ourselves” run on a route me and Elena didn’t run before (thanks to Glen for leading). We ran a total of 18.75km in 2 hours and 20 minutes on a bit challenging route. So since we actually made it, we were confident we’d be able to conquer the trail run.

On the day of the trail run, I was praying so hard for God to give me strength and endurance as I was feeling a bit light-headed and dizzy that it almost felt like I can collapse anytime before the race. Blame that to my disrupted sleep the night before! But I knew myself better, I just have to take it easy because the moment I start sweating, I’ll be like a diesel!

Me and Elena posing before the race

21k mapawa trail run

The 21k route (Out and back) we have to finish

The trail run was hosted inside the protected 2,500-hectare Mapawa Nature Park. Very challenging as it was quite a hilly route at a 40-80 degrees slopes! The downhill was also a huge challenge because I have this injured right knee that’s why I wear a knee support during long runs and this trail run of course to protect it. Since it was an out and back course, imagine the downhill roads the runners had to conquer! Thank God we survived!

Closer look of the trail. This is one easy route and ran my way through it.  I did run everytime I had the opportunity to run.

mapawa trail run view

Had to stop to admire this view from the top! The perks of trail running, amazing view and being one with nature!

10.5 km turning point. It is only at this point where I ate chocolates and a slice of fried sweet potato to keep me going. And of course water! On the next station, I had boiled egg and small banana and water again.

One of those times where I couldn’t see anyone ahead of me or behind me. I could only rely to the markers. And, perfect time to pause and take a little selfie! I think I could’ve shorten my time if only I did not have a couple of pause for pictures! hahaha!

Met John on my 17th kilometers going to the Finish Line. It was both our first time to run a half-marathon and a trail run at the same time! It was great having to chat with him while we were conquering the uphill and downhill routes to finish the trail. Excuse our haggard faces :D! That wasn’t an easy trail! He said he won’t be registering again while we were working our way up to 18th kilometers! ahaha! but hey! he is proceeding the the full marathon with us! lol!

Yay! Finish line! Official time was 4 hours and 13 minutes. It wasn’t easy but I thank God for the strength and endurance!

trail runners

Here’s the three of us after the race! Yey! Awesome finish team!

Tired and worn out feet! Definitely something to treasure! We did great! Thanks to my underarmour running shoes for not failing on me! You were amazing shoes! πŸ˜€

It definitely was a great finish! From being woozy at the beginning to finishing strong! Once again I have proven that in order to conquer something, all you have to do is take that first step and try! No one ever succeeded on anything by quitting even before it started. I seriously have to stop doubting myself on anything!

This will not be the last time I am conquering fitness goals. Full Trail Marathon is coming next (two months from now). My ever confident and determined running buddies seemed to have their minds made up already! hahahaha! So that means, training time!

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