Back at the Gym – Back Workout Routines

Finally back working out at the gym after about 8 months of hiatus due to this pandemic that have disrupted everyone’s normal way of living. I have been maintaining my fitness regimen at home through home workout and early morning running. Though I am very much okay with working out at home, I definitely miss lifting weights. After giving it much consideration, I finally decided to go with precautions of course. I go there early in the morning to avoid a crowded gym (in case). So far, everything is well.

I started my week with a legs workout (which I will be sharing next post – haven’t edited videos yet). Then on my second session, I did a back workout because second to my legs and glutes, it is where I have so much issues (back fats, bra bulge, etc). Though of course I know there’s no such thing as spot reduction, a focused routine for these parts will definitely help defining them better and build those muscles up there. Since most people (both women and men) focus on muscles they can see in the mirror, it’s the ones on the back side of the body that need the most attention, and must be built up for a balanced look.

Quick note on WHY work on Your Back Muscles
a. Ladies benefit from broadening their lats because they make the waist look smaller by comparison.
b.  A more defined upper back also looks great in a halter top, razorback tank, or backless dress.
c. Stronger back muscles are a must for good posture and injury prevention.
d. Strengthening and toning all of the areas of your back will not only give you a tight, toned and terrific rear. It will also lift your chest. This will, in turn, lift your bust, contributing to your feminine shape.

>>> Do a back workout twice a week.

Strengthen and Tone Your Back with These Workouts

Note and Tip to Self and to Everyone Else

Now that we have couple of back workout routines, one important question we ask ourselves (our common issues as women) — What about that roll of fat that hangs over your bra strap? Will they get rid of it?|

Answer is NO.

Stored body fat will not be removed by doing the targeted exercises provided above. However, when you combine our exercises with regular cardiovascular exercise, you will burn fat from all parts of your body, including your mid back. A healthy, balanced diet is also necessary in order to ensure that the calories coming into your body will be used for energy and not stored as body fat.

Include jogging, cycling, or using an elliptical trainer in your routine as these cardio exercises are great choices when working to reduce body fat. For a faster fat burn you should consider doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – that means doing hard and fast exercise for a short period of time, followed by even shorter rest periods. 

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