Workout From Home

I have been strength training for a year now that have made fitness a lifestyle for me. I love what it did to my body and it definitely became a habit to be at the gym regularly. There are times though that I am unable to go to the gym due to some personal circumstances but that doesn’t mean that I am skipping the sweat for the day.

workout dance

Whenever I missed going to the gym, I make it a point to work out at home. I either do cardio via Zumba or do some plyometric or max interval training via Insanity (my choice most of the time). I do admit though that working out at home needs extra motivation and the biggest motivation for me to go through the entire workout is the sound of my workout, especially when I am dancing or doing Zumba. Because I love an awesome audio output to go with my mood while working out at home, I am thinking of having a speaker processor that is easy to operate of course (I don’t want to stress myself over it!) such as the Ashly Audio to compliment my great music and of course energy! I seriously think that this is an awesome idea especially now that I am thinking of increasing my cardio activity apart from my weights training. Well, off I go and check this thing out!

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