Fitness: Monday Full Body Workout

Hello everyone! I mentioned in my first fitness journey blog post that I will be sharing my journey on this blog to keep you guys posted on how I am doing so far. So today I will be sharing my routines from yesterday (Monday) after being absent from the gym for 5 days including the weekend. That’s my longest absence by the way except that time when Coach Moy had me rest for a week. I kinda feel a little bloated because I let go of myself last week! Like I literally ate ANYTHING I wanted to eat! I was on a trip and of course, I made an agreement to myself (yeah I do that sometimes πŸ˜€ ) that I will let myself go and just enjoy the week. So there I successfully fed myself with salty, sweets, meat (pork), soda, and everything else I would not normally eat on my regular days. My friends even asked me if I was stressed out because I was eating “abnormally” hahaha! I wasn’t stressed out actually, I just decided to let myself go. I lived a little :).

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So back to Monday, and back to my normal conscious self. I missed the gym so much that I was so excited to be there and workout! Glad to see my coach again too! We did a Full Body workout on a Monday and I couldn’t feel much better afterwards! Full body workout means, working on every part of my body (legs, glutes, arms, shoulders, chest, back, core). Since I just got back from a 5-day break, I decided to take it easy on weights. Here’s a short video on SOME of my routines.


Cardio (treadmill) – 15 minutes
Squats (Smith Machine) – 20×2, 15×2 (44lbs weight)
Leg Press – 20×2, 15×2 (143lbs)
Deadlift – 15×4 (60lbs – 30lbs each hand)
Lat pulldown (back & front) – 10×4 (back) 10×4 (front) @ (50lbs)
Side lateral raise – 10lbs dumbbells each hand (15 reps each side x 4sets), 5lbs dumbbells each hand (20 reps each side x 4sets)
Shoulder Press – 15×4 (44lbs)
Weighted curl-ups – 20×4 (10lbs weight)
Push-ups with oblique twist – (15×3) (I just added this routine)

I definitely felt better after my workout. I was feeling a little weak (it’s normal when you just got back for a few days absence) but I didn’t allow that to stop me from pushing myself :). And may I just mention that I had a long run 2 days before. My first 15km run which left me a little exhausted. I have my light and comfy running backpack to thank for for sustaining me the entire run.

Had oatmeal for dinner and greentea before hitting the sheets!

Today is another day and I am looking forward to tonight’s routines again! I hope it’s going to be legs!

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